‘ICEMAN’ Gervin on LeBron & Jordan: ‘How can you compare an apple to an orange?'(VIDEO)

As he prepares to take his talents to Los Angeles, LeBron James will continue to get those comparisons to the great Michael Jordan.

However, when you look at it, James and Jordan are very different players. MJ was more of a scorer than James, while LeBron is more of a facilitator. James can score, but Jordan was better in that area. Jordan could facilitate, but LeBron is the better facilitator.

I always looked at LeBron as a hybrid of Jordan and Magic Johnson. He has Jordan’s athleticism and Magic’s passing ability.

So, who’s better?

At this point, for me, the thing that separates Jordan and LeBron are the rings.¬† LeBron is 3-6 in the Finals, while Jordan is 6-0. Not only did Jordan go undefeated in the Finals, but he never had to play in a Game 7.¬†Therefore, I’m going with Jordan. However, LeBron is still writing his legacy.

Because Jordan and LeBron are such different players, Hall of Famer George Gervin has a hard time comparing the two greats:

¬†“I can’t do it; it’s not a such thing,” Gervin recently told Paul Gant. “How can you compare an apple to an orange? They both taste different, but both of them are good for you.”

You get the sense with LeBron that rings are not his only objective. If that were the case, he would not have headed to the Lakers, and while Gervin believes going to the Los Angeles was a good move for LeBron, he thinks LeBron has other things he wants to accomplish:

“LeBron got other things he wants to do,” Gervin said. “He wants to do movies, documentaries. He put himself in the position, you know like I know, if you want to do things like that, you go to Hollywood.”

At this point, the Lakers are not built to win a title this year, and it might take one more year for that to come to fruition. Plus, being in the Western Conference, LeBron has made his path to the Finals even harder.

For James, considering all the efforts he puts into getting his body right, greatness on the court is vital to him, but greatness off the court is just as important.

Listen below as Gervin talks LeBron & Jordan: