Lonzo Ball wears Adidas for his workout with Lakers.

Lonzo Ball decided not to wear his signature show the ZO2 during his workout for the Lakers today. What shoes did he wear? He wore Harden Vol. 1 adidas.

Does he not like his own shoe?

Magic Johnson believes his “Showtime” Lakers would sweep the current Warriors

Magic Johnson is a very confident man. Also, he is very confident in his “Showtime” Lakers of the 80s. Magic believes that his Lakers would sweep the current Golden State Warriors. While those the Lakers of the 80s could possibly beat this current Warriors team, I don’t think it would be a sweep.

Listen to what Magic had to say:

Magic Johnson on LaVar Ball: ‘The Kardashians, we did not say the mom was bad’

Magic Johnson gave his support to LaVar Ball, and some of things he has done. Magic gave his thoughts on LaVar Ball to ESPN Radio’s Afternoons with Marcellus and Kelvin :

The Kardashians, we didn’t say the mom was bad, and she made them a lot of money, right? She bragged on her daughters. I think it’s the same here. He’s just saying, hey, my son is great, and there’s nothing bad with that. So, we’re not looking for LaVar to be a problem, if we’re blessed to have an opportunity to draft Lonzo. Again, we don’t know at this time if we’re going to do that or not, but I will say, you have to give the father a lot of credit for being in not just Lonzo’s life, but the other two sons as well. I’m happy that a father goes around and hey, says great things about his son. And also, two, it hasn’t bothered Lonzo, so that’s what we really have to look at.”

The more I hear Magic Johnson talk, the more I think Lonzo Ball won’t go past number two in the 2017 NBA Draft. However, maybe it’s a smoke screen. We’ll find out June 22.

LaVar Ball says the darndest things: ‘Lonzo will have that same impact that Magic had’

LaVar Ball is moving the needle. When he speaks, people listen! Well, he continued his ranting and raving today. Ball told ESPN’s “First Take” that Lonzo Ball would have the same impact as Magic Johnson!! Yes, the great Magic Johnson.  He also responded to LeBron James.

Listen for yourself:

Are the Lakers tanking?

The Los Angeles Lakers are a franchise in transition. Now, it appears they are flat out tanking. According to reports, the Lakers have decided to shut down F Luol Deng and C Timofey Mozgov for the final 15 games of the season.  One reason the  Lakers might be tanking is their first-round pick in the 2017 draft is top three protected.  Therefore, if the pick goes below three, the pick goes to the 76ers. That would be a killer for the Lakers. Currently, the Lakers have the second worst record in the NBA.

I believe this a wise decision. You have to protect your assets.  For now, the young guys play and develop. More importantly,  you try to ensure you get a top three pick in the 2017 NBA Draft. Magic Johnson and Rob Pelinka have a lot of work to do to get this team back to respectability. We’ll see if they can get it done.

For now, I say tank on Lakers!!



Magic is back!

I guess it was time for change! Gone are Mitch Kupchak and Jim Buss, and in are the new president of basketball operations the great Magic Johnson and general manager Rob Pelinka. They have a lot of work to do, but they have some talent in Lakerland. It may take a few years to get it right, but time will be the judge of whether or not this was a good hire. The Lakers needed a jolt, and maybe this was the jolt they needed! I can’t wait for the three team deal involving Magic, Bird and Jordan!