Ex-U of Tennessee RB John Kelly: ‘I can’t run everybody over, but I can sure hell try’

As we enter Day 3 of the NFL Draft, there is still a lot of talent on the board for teams to select from, including former University of Tennessee RB John Kelly.

Due to his size(5′ 10″, 216 pounds) and versatility, many have compared Kelly to his former Vols’ teammate and current New Orleans Saints RB Alvin Kamara, and according to Kelly, it’s a comparison he has no problem with:

“Me and Alvin always pushed each other at practice, and we always competed with each other, but I got a chance to learn a lot from Alvin,” Kelly told the Go4it podcast with host Paul Gant. “So, I was glad to have a guy like that be a role model for me when I got here(Tennessee), and I was glad to take some his game and put it into mine, so I definitely ain’t mad about the comparison.”

When you watch Kelly, one thing that stands out is his running style. The Detroit native runs with a lot of aggression. Kelly’s focus is getting as much yardage as possible, and putting a little hurt on the defense:

“Whenever I’m out there, and I get a chance to run the ball, I’m just trying to inflict pain on people,” Kelly said. “Back when I first started playing football, I was playing it because I remember I heard, I forgot who I heard say it, but they said, ‘football is the only sport where you can really hurt somebody and not go to jail for it.’ So, I fell in love with the physicality of the sport, for sure. Once I started to get a little older, I realized that I can’t run everybody over, but I can sure hell try.”

Some feel with his size that Kelly will have to adjust his running style on the next level, but Kelly does not plan on changing. The one piece of advice that Kamara gave Kelly was “to be himself,” and he plans on doing just that, with the addition of a few “tricks.”

“I will be able to add new weapons to my arsenal once I get on that next level, but as far as switching it up, I don’t know about all of that. But, I think I got a lot of tricks in my bag, so I feel I’m going to break out some new tricks when the time is right,” Kelly said.

According to Kelly, he worked out for the Buccaneers, 49ers, Broncos, and Patriots.

Last season at Tennessee, Kelly ran for 789 yards and nine touchdowns and had 37 receptions for 299 yards, which were solid numbers, especially when you consider that some around Tennessee thought Kelly was underutilized.

Kelly does have a court case pending due to be cited for misdemeanor drug possession last October, so some may have questions about his character, but in talking to Kelly, he seems confident that all of the negativity is behind him.

According to NFL.COM, Kelly is expected to go in the 4th-round. Based on his ability, some team might be getting a good prospect in John Kelly.

Listen to the complete interview below: