Avant on Foles, Wentz: ‘I think both of them are pretty equal’

In February, the Philadelphia Eagles decided not to use the franchise tag on QB Nick Foles, which made him an unrestricted free agent. Foles would eventually sign with the Jacksonville Jaguars. It was at that time the Eagles decided that Carson Wentz was their quarterback, and in June, the Eagles decided to commit to Wentz when they signed him to a four-year, $128 million extension.

Now, the 26-year-old Wentz will lead the Eagles for years to come, and the 30-year-old Foles will do the same in Jacksonville. However, did the Eagles make the right choice?

According to former Eagles WR Jason Avant, Philadelphia made the right decision

“I think they made the right move,” Avant recently told Paul Gant. “See, it’s nothing that has to do with play. We know that Foles can play; we know that Wentz can play. As an organization, you have to go with shelf life, and as an organization, Carson Wentz is much younger, so you choose the younger player. That’s how it is in any business. Most of the time if you’re equal or close to equal, they are going to choose the younger, cheaper option.

“I think both of them are pretty equal, so I don’t think you can wrong with that. I think it came down to youth.”

According to NFL.COM, here is how the two compare since 2017(including playoffs)

Wentz: 64.7 completion percentage, 265.4 ypg, 54:14 TD-to-INT, 102.0 passer rating, 16-8 W-L record.

Foles: 67.9 completion percentage, 257.4 ypg, 20:9 TD-to-INT, 95.4 passer rating, 10-2 W-L record.

The numbers are close. Foles had a lot of success when he got in the field for the Eagles. But in 2017, when Foles led the Eagles to victory in Super Bowl 52, Wentz was the guy that put the Eagles in position to get home-field advantage throughout the playoffs, and it was Wentz who was having the MVP caliber season before tearing his ACL.

The eyes tell you Wentz, but based on what Foles has done these past two seasons, I can see why some would rather keep Foles over Wentz, especially after what we saw last season when the Eagles seemed to have different energy when Foles was in the game.

However, these two guys are not equal. Wentz is better, and more importantly, he’s younger. Foles did his job by stepping in and leading the Eagles to a Super Bowl victory in 2017 and leading the Eagles to the playoffs in 2018, but at their best, Wentz is the better quarterback.

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Avant on Eagles: ‘They don’t have a weakness on offense'(VIDEO)

The Philadelphia Eagles are a team that many believe has the talent to make a lot of noise in 2019, especially on offense. With the additions of DeSean Jackson and Jordan Howard on offense, and now that Carson Wentz seems to be completely healthy and paid after signing a four-year, $128 million extension, things are looking up in Philly, and according to former Eagles wide receiver Jason Avant, Wentz should have a big season.

“I’m excited for him. To get a deal done early is always beneficial for the organization,” Avant recently said at the AFFL Ultimate Final. “You don’t want guys who want big contracts, complaining about the contracts, so getting it done now is good.  They have a team around him. The sky’s the limit for them. Adding Desean Jackson and Miles Sanders, and a few other guys, Jordan Howard. They don’t have a weakness on offense, so I’m looking for big numbers out of Carson Wentz.”

There is a lot of talent on this Eagles’ roster, and according to NFL analyst Gil Brandt, Philadelphia has the most talented team in football. Wentz has the money, but now it’s time for him to prove that he is worth every penny. With the talent around him, and barring injuries, he does not have any excuses in 2019.

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Ex-Panther Avant believes Carolina can go to Super Bowl if Newton has big year(Video)

Panthers QB Cam Newton struggled at times in 2017, but he was able to help Carolina win four of their last five games, which helped the team make the playoffs. In the playoffs, Newton played well against the Saints in the Wild Card round, but Carolina fell short, losing 31-26.

Now, the Panthers have a new offensive coordinator in Norv Turner, so maybe Newton can get back to the guy he was in 2015. During that 2015 season, Newton was the league’s MVP, and the Panthers were able to get to the Super Bowl.

According to former Panthers WR Jason Avant, who played with Carolina in 2014, Newton has to put more work in the classroom.

“He’s a great player; he has to continue to progress in the classroom,” Avant recently told Paul Gant. “He’s a great athlete, great talent. Cam just has to put the time in.”

If Newton does make progress in the classroom, Avant believes the Panthers can go to the Super Bowl.

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Jason Avant on Foles: ‘He’s the best two-minute QB I’ve ever played with'(Video)

Nick Foles run to Super Bowl 52 was special. The Super Bowl MVP went head-to-head with the great Tom Brady and got it done. While many were surprised by what Foles did in these playoffs, his former teammate Jason Avant was not. In fact, Avant expected Foles to do well.

“Nick always had the ability to get hot,” Avant told goforitradio.com. “He’s the best two-minute quarterback I’ve ever played with,”

High praise from Avant considering he played with such quarterbacks as Donovan McNabb, Cam Newton, and Mike Vick.

Listen below as Avant talks American Ninja Warrior, his new endeavors, and Nick Foles: