HOF Isiah Thomas on LeBron’s free agency: ‘I don’t know where he goes to get advice'(Audio)

The name LeBron James will dominate another summer.

In the summer of 2010, James went on ESPN and made a decision that made Cleveland angry, and Miami happy.

Four years later, in 2014, James made another decision, via Sports Illustrated, and this time, he went back home to Cleveland.

Fast forward to 2018; James is expected to opt out of his contract and become an unrestricted free agent, which will lead to another decision.

Hall of Famer Isiah Thomas, who been around the NBA for a long time as player, coach, and executive, has never seen a player, on the level of James, have to make a such a big decision:

“I think where we are in sports, in basketball, particularly with him, he’s shattering all the of historical norms,” Thomas recently told the Go4it podcast.  “I don’t know if we ever had a player with this much success at this stage of his life with this kind of decision to make. I can’t recall another NBA player, in my lifetime, that’s been at this point where they gotta make a decision. And it’s like every time he steps up to the plate because he’s been so great, it’s a new thing that we’re looking at, so that isn’t a typical free agent like he was six, seven years ago. This is a totally different stratosphere that he is in right now.”

James, 33, has a lot to think about regarding his next team. He has to figure out what is the best situation for his family, and he has to figure what is the best location for him to win another NBA title, which makes this decision very complicated, according to Thomas:

“I don’t even know where he goes to get advice to be honest with you,” Thomas explained. “Can Cleveland put together a basketball team; can management put together a team that he can compete with? I don’t know, but losing Kyrie(Irving), not having Isaiah(Thomas), and everything that came back; even though he got to the Finals with it, we know that it’s not good enough to beat Golden State or even Boston or Philadelphia(moving forward).”

At this point, on paper, it does not seem Cleveland will not have enough to beat Boston, who is expected to get Kyrie Irving and Gordon Hayward back next season. Also, with the 76ers having two franchise-caliber players in Ben Simmons and Joel Embiid, they might be a difficult team to beat moving forward, too.

Whatever decision LeBron makes, everybody will be talking about it all summer long!

Listen below as Thomas talks LeBron’s free agency at the 29:33 mark


HOF Isiah Thomas on Kawhi with Spurs: ‘I think we hope it all works itself out'(AUDIO)

The San Antonio Spurs are in a difficult position. According to reports, their best player Kawhi Leonard wants out. While the Spurs were able to make it to the playoffs last season without Leonard, who played in only nine games due to a quad injury, they were easily beaten in five games by the Warriors in the first round. Therefore, Leonard is an essential piece for this team moving forward.

The Spurs have a huge decision to make. Do they appease Leonard and make a trade or do they try to work it out?

Hall of Famer Isiah Thomas would like to see Leonard stay in San Antonio, but with the report that Spurs head coach Gregg Popovich could retire as early as after next season, this could complicate things, according to Thomas:

“I think we hope it all works itself out, but you know another thing that has popped up in that situation now, (if you’re)Kawhi, you say, ‘Okay, I come back,’ and then if he comes back, is Popovich going to be his coach? Is Popovich going to stay through the end of his contract,” Thomas recently told the Go4it podcast.

‘I think those two they have a lot to really discuss and talk about because there are so many ‘ifs’ in their conversation. If Pop stays, If Kawhi comes back, how’s he going to feel, team building, everything else; the San Antonio way.”

The Spurs have been the “Gold Standard” in the NBA, so to hear any player question that organization, the way Leonard has reportedly done, is surprising. According to Thomas, what makes the Spurs organization the “Gold Standard” is Popovich, but that could all change if Pop retires:

“I think we all understand while we give San Antonio gold stars for being the model organization,” Thomas said. “It’s really Popovich who’s the organization with the gold stars, so if he leaves, we don’t know what type of organization the San Antonio Spurs will be.”

After the recent death of his wife, Erin, you wonder how long Pop will coach.

Pop and Spurs have a significant amount of work to do in trying to fix things with Leonard, but if the end is near for Pop, it could be challenging to keep Leonard around.

Thomas talks Kawhi Leonard at the 37:41 mark:


Editor’s note:  The original story had the Spurs losing in 4 to the Warriors. The story was corrected to indicate that the Spurs lost in 5 to the Warriors.

Pippen on Isiah Thomas: ‘I don’t agree with nothing Zeke ever said'(WATCH)

Over the past few months, we have been hearing a lot of players, writers, and fans give their take on the argument of who’s better, Michael Jordan or LeBron James?

Last month, Hall of Famer Isiah Thomas said on NBA TV that he thought LeBron was better than Jordan, but yesterday, another Hall of Famer disagreed.

Jordan’s former teammate and Hall of Famer Scottie Pippen is rolling with Jordan. Pippen went as far as to accuse Thomas of ‘hating’ on Jordan.

“You know what, I find that comment there just hating. I’ve never seen this guy embrace or thank Michael Jordan for what he did for our game, done for our league. Done for all the kids out here in terms of basketball,”Pippen said on ESPN’s The Jump

“Michael Jordan was the greatest to ever put on shoes and play in our game. No doubt about it.”

Pippen has flip-flopped over the years on this argument, but I guess he is Team Jordan, for now.

Listen to all that Pippen had to say below:



John Salley talks Magic-Isiah feud(watch)

On Tuesday, we saw Magic Johnson and Isiah Thomas reconcile after many years of tension. The two Hall of Famers discussed their beef and ultimately hugged it out at the end on NBA TV’s Players Only Monthly. Before their feud, Johnson and Thomas were the best of friends.

Former Piston John Salley, who played with Thomas in Detroit, gave his thoughts on the Magic-Isiah feud.

Salley told TMZ Sports some interesting things about this dispute.

Take a listen:

You think LaVar Ball did crazy stuff, listen to what Isiah Thomas’ family used to do at NBA games(video)

Over the past few weeks, we have been talking about the craziness of LaVar Ball. However, in the past, the family of Hall of Famer Isiah Thomas used to do some crazy stuff, too!

Thomas tells FS1’s First Things First what his family used to do at his games!

Take a listen: