JR Smith believes the Cavs will win in 7?

JR Smith must have a lot of confidence in his team, or maybe his Twitter account was hacked. Anyway, shortly after the Cavs game 3 loss, Smith, or someone posted on his Twitter account “Cavs in 7.”   Smith denied that he sent the tweet out. 

“I got out of the shower and my phone was buzzing. I did not tweet that,” Smith explained to cleveland.com.

No team has comeback from a 3-0 deficit in NBA history. 

No matter who sent the tweet, this series is over! Maybe the Cavs can grab a game come Friday in game 4. 


Kevin Durant: ‘That’s why they call our league soft’

Last night, in the 4th Qtr of game 3 between the Warriors-Jazz, Kevin Durant was issued a flagrant one and technical foul after pushing Rudy Gobert in the back.  Durant was retaliating after taking a push from Gobert.

“That’s why they call our league soft because they call flagrants for stuff like that,” Durant said after the game.

Durant was dominant last night with 38 big points, and now the Warriors lead the series 3-0 after beating the Jazz 102-91.

Here is the link to shove:


Here is the Durant’s comments about the incident with Gobert: