Ex-Cowboy Ed ‘Too Tall’ Jones believes Dak Prescott should get paid(VIDEO)

Cowboys QB Dak Prescott has led the Cowboys to two division titles in his first three years in the league, and while the Cowboys have had a lot of success with Prescott as their quarterback, some question whether he can be the guy to take them to the next level, which is a legitimate question. But at this point, it’s safe to say he has done enough to get paid.

Many like to compare Prescott to Eagles QB Carson Wentz, who recently inked a four-year, $128 million contract extension this offseason. Prescott was selected in the fourth-round while Wentz was selected number two overall in the 2016 NFL Draft. In 2017, Wentz showed the ability to be an elite quarterback as he was having an MVP caliber season before tearing his ACL, but Prescott has accomplished more. Prescott has won in the playoffs, and due to injury, Wentz has not played a down in the playoffs.

So, if Wentz can make $32 million a year, the 25-year-old Prescott should get somewhere close, if not higher. Prescott is scheduled to make just over $2 million next season, and he can become an unrestricted free agent in 2020.

Recently, Prescott told the USA Today the following:

“For somebody to say you can only take so much because of the salary cap or you can only do this or that, I don’t know how fair that is to say,” Prescott said. “Because with gambling, with everything going into this league, everything is going to continue to keep going up.”

With those comments, it appears Prescott wants to get what he believes he deserves, and if it were up to former Cowboys star Ed “Too Tall” Jones, Prescott would be the guy for the team moving forward.

“He’s a natural-born leader,” Jones recently told Paul Gant at Larry Holmes’ 5th annual Heart of a Legend Celebrity Golf Weekend. “That’s something you can’t teach; that’s something you’re born with. That’s something that he has. You put the right people around him, he produces. I’m so thankful that Dallas has him.”

Jones also believes that Prescott deserves the extension he desires.

“He should because he’s already earned it,” Jones said. “When you look at what quarterbacks have achieved early in their careers, he’s earned it.”

According to Jones, if Dallas can stay healthy in 2019, they have a chance to win a title.

“They can beat anybody if they stay healthy. The key is staying healthy.”

You could do a lot worse than Prescott, and you could do a little better. Dallas can take the chance and not pay Prescott, but that would be a huge gamble if Prescott continues to have success. Therefore, it’s either pay now or possibly pay a lot more later.

Listen below as Jones talks Larry Holmes, his boxing career, Prescott, and the Cowboys: