Former world champion Larry Holmes continues to do big things in his community

Former heavyweight world champion Larry Holmes and Easton, Pennsylvania, are perfect together. “The Easton Assassin” became a star worldwide but never left his community; after all these years, he still lives in Easton and finds time to give back.  

Last weekend, Holmes and his wife, Diane, hosted many former athletes and celebrities at the Green Pond Country Club in Bethlehem, PA, at the 7th Annual “Heart of a Legend” celebrity golf outing. 

Holmes loves the city of Easton and enjoys helping his community, and the “Heart of a Legend” Foundation does just that. The foundation does many things, including helping homeless shelters and handing out scholarships to deserving students. Holmes likes being around Easton and enjoys that everybody knows his name. 

“You can’t build a home running,’ Holmes said. “You gotta build a home by staying home. Everybody here, if they don’t know me, they know of me, and this is what I really like.”

The 72-year-old Holmes was a world champion from 1978 to 1985 and, along the way, made a lot of money. Holmes retired a few times and came back, but he finally called it quits for good in 2002.

No one knows where life will take you, but never in his wildest dreams did Holmes, who grew up in poverty in Easton, think this would be his life. 

“Could you imagine Larry Holmes sitting at the golf course having his own golf tournament?” Holmes said. “Could you imagine that? Not Larry Holmes, the guy from the projects, Delaware Terrace. Not him, Larry Holmes, but it happened. I took over. Let the bad out; let the good in.”

Some people say things, while others do things. Whether it’s buying businesses and employing many people over the years in Easton or giving back through his foundation, Holmes has proven that he will do anything to help, uplift, and support his hometown of Easton, Pennsylvania.

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