Tony Gonzalez on Dez Bryant: ‘I can see him in New England’

Dez Bryant is now officially a free agent after being released by the Cowboys last week. Bryant, 29, had expressed a desire to stay in NFC East, but reportedly, the Eagles, Giants, and Redskins are not interested.

So, where should Bryant go?

According to the great Tony Gonzalez, Bryant should go to New England:

“I can see him in New England, though. New England Patriots, Dez Bryant; I’m telling you,” Bryant told TMZ Sports.  “If you want to win a championship, you go to New England. That’s where you go! Play with Tom Brady.”

After the departure of Danny Amendola and the trade of Brandin Cooks, the Patriots could use a wide receiver.

Would Bryant be willing to do things the “The Patriot Way?” Randy Moss did, and he put up big time numbers in New England, so maybe Bryant could do the same.

He would be playing with Tom Brady after all, so life would not be that bad!



Josh Norman to Dez Bryant: ‘Come on over’

It was rumored for a few weeks, and finally, it happened. The Cowboys released WR Dez Bryant on Friday.

The three-time Pro-Bowler had 69 catches for 838 yards and six touchdowns last season for the Cowboys.

What’s next for Bryant? The 29-year-old Bryant told the NFL Network on Friday that staying in NFC East is something that he would like to do:

“I won’t say any teams, but being in the division, that’s a huge possibility,” Bryant told NFL Network. “That’s a huge possibility. That’s something that I want.”

One guy who would like Bryant to stay in the NFC East and play in Washington is Redskins CB Josh Norman:

“He wouldn’t be a bad addition. Hell, come on over. The more stars you can get. Like I said, I wouldn’t be opposed to it for sure,” Norman said to TMZ Sports.  “If he can help us win,  that’s all that matters at the end of the day. I hope he do come; help us out.”

The Redskins are reportedly not interested in Bryant at that point, but things can always change.

Bryant does not appear to be the same player that he was few years back, but I think he can still help a team. Bryant was scheduled to make $12.5 million next season, and I’m not sure he is worth that kind of money moving forward.

Norman and Bryant have had their issues with each other over the years, but these guys are adults, so they can work it out.

Bryant has not had a 1,000 yard receiving season since 2014.