Pederson, Marrone, Zimmer give their thoughts on Luck’s retirement

The NFL is still buzzing after the retirement of Indianapolis Colts QB Andrew Luck. The four-time Pro Bowler called it quits after seven seasons in the league.

Recently, a few coaches around the league gave their thoughts on Luck and his retirement:

Doug Pederson, head coach of the Philadelphia Eagles:

“A lot of respect for [Colts QB] Andrew [Luck] and what he has done in his career as a quarterback, and obviously I’ve been in situations, too, where I’ve been hurt, but obviously not to the extent that he has been.

‘It’s tough. It’s tough. Obviously, you could tell through his comments last night that he put a lot of thought and a lot of conversation with family, friends, coaches, the owner, and it’s a tough thing for him to be able to step away like that. But I hope he gets healthy and wish him the best moving forward.”

Doug Marrone, head coach of the Jacksonville Jaguars:

“I know his dad, and I know how difficult it is. I know how difficult this game is and I know how great of a competitor he is. I felt [that] it was unfortunate that injuries take a part of it and I’m sure it must have been very, very difficult for him. Just a loss for the game.”

Mike Zimmer, head coach of the Minnesota Vikings:

“He’s a great player. I wish he would have retired two years ago when we played them. Didn’t we play them two years ago? Whenever, three years ago. No, he’s a great player. I’ve always admired the way he throws the ball, his competitive nature, everything about him. He’s a terrific, terrific player.”