Ex-Wisconsin LB Chris Orr thinks the Badgers can get to the playoffs next season

Playoffs? Yup! According to former Wisconsin LB Chris Orr, the Badgers, who finished 10-4 in 2019, will make the playoffs next season. 

Making the playoffs might be a tall order for the Badgers. Both Ohio State and Penn State will be tough to beat in the BIG 10. Also, Wisconsin will have to replace a few key guys, including Orr, so maybe it’s wishful thinking on his part. 

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We will be talking sports and having fun doing it. We will be joined by former Wisconsin LB Chris Orr, who will discuss his preparation for the NFL Draft and so much more!

Orr talks his time at Wisconsin, his father and brother(both played in the NFL), and what he brings to an NFL team.

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