‘Iceman’ Gervin: ‘I ain’t won no championships, but I know I’m still one of the greatest who ever play'(VIDEO)

In the NBA, greatness is sometimes defined by how many rings you have, and recently, some players have made moves to put themselves in position to win titles. For example, after struggling to win a championship in Cleveland, LeBron James decided to take his talents to South Beach back in 2010.  In Miami, James hooked up with Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh, which helped James capture two titles with the Heat.

Kevin Durant was a great player in OKC, but he was unable to get over the hump with the Thunder, so in the summer of 2016, Durant decided to join Steph Curry, Klay Thompson, Draymond Green, and the Warriors. After joining Golden State, Durant was able to win back-to-back titles, and capture two straight Finals’ MVPs. Now, people view Durant more favorably than before.

The Warriors could easily make it three in a row after signing All-Star center DeMarcus Cousins this summer. The signing of Cousins has many players talking about super teams, including Hall of Famer George Gervin.

“That’s how they doing it. They have a right to do it now; it’s a different culture. It was not like that when I played,” Gervin recently told Paul Gant. “We always wanted to beat the best guys, but that’s when I played. Right now, the system is set up where you can do things like that, so these are the guys’ choices.”

Hall of Famer and TNT NBA analyst Charles Barkley, who has been a critic of super teams, recently had this to say on the subject:

“I’d rather have no rings than join a super team,” Barkley said on the Unnecessary Roughness Podcast.

While Gervin was not able to win a title during his 13-year NBA career, he does not believe it takes away from his greatness.

“A lot of guys really think that their whole career is going to be based on a championship,” Gervin said. “I ain’t won nam(no) championships, but I know I’m still one of the greatest that ever play, and I’m real comfortable with that.”

Gervin was a five-time All-Star with a career NBA average of 26.2 ppg.

What stars are going to team up next? We’ll have to wait and see.


Charles Barkley on Lakers: ‘They not going to win next year’

The Los Angeles Lakers won the NBA offseason. LeBron James officially signed with the Lakers on Monday. It is a four-year deal worth $153.3 million.

Getting LeBron usually means you’re a championship contender, but the Lakers still have some work to do. Los Angeles, as it is presently constructed, is not a championship team, so says Hall of Famer Charles Barkley:

“They not gonna win next year,” Barkley told TMZ Sports about LeBron and the Lakers.  “Well, it depends who they going to bring in here. Magic has done a fantastic job, him and Rob(Pelinka). LeBron is a great player, but they need to get better.

Getting better for the Lakers means trying to pry Kawhi Leonard from the Spurs, who reportedly wants out of San Antonio. At this point, the Lakers are a playoff team with LeBron. However, if they can get Leonard, they become a championship caliber team.

Magic Johnson has done a great job, but he has a little more work to do!

Barkley does not want to hear LeBron is better than Jordan anymore(VIDEO)

For the past few weeks, we have heard many say that LeBron James has surpassed Michael Jordan, but after tonight, that conversation is probably over.

The Warriors completed the sweep on Friday night as they beat Cleveland 108-85 to win their second straight NBA title.

After the game, TNT NBA analyst Charles Barkley wanted the world to know that James is not better than Jordan.

Take a listen:

Charles Barkley believes the Warriors will sweep Houston(Watch)

The Golden State Warriors did would they needed to do in Game 1 on Monday night to steal home court advantage away from the Rockets as they beat Houston 119-106 to take a 1-0 lead in the Western Conference Finals.

Game 2 is Wednesday night.

James Harden was great for Houston as he dropped 41 points, but Kevin Durant was just as good with 37 points.

After the game, TNT NBA analyst Charles Barkley was very impressed with the Warriors and believes that Houston is done.

Take a listen:

I don’t see any team beating the Warriors four times in a seven-game series, but the Rockets do have a shot.

We’ll see if Houston can bounce back in Game 2.

Charles Barkley on Kyrie Irving: ‘You want to leave the best player in the world?’

Hall of Famer Charles Barkley is confused about why Cavaliers G Kyrie Irving would want to leave the great LeBron James.  

The 25-year-old Irving has reportedly requested a trade from Cleveland.

Barkley, who was never able to win a NBA title during his 16-year career, had this to say on NBA-TV tonight:

‘You wanna be on a good team; you want to play with other great players. This notion where you want to be “the man.” I just think it’s so stupid. If I got a chance to play with another great player, I want to do that,” Barkley said. “The objective is to win. When he was on a bad team and was ‘the man” I guarantee that was not a lot of fun for him, and now you want to leave the best player in the world? I hear all this stuff about LeBron casts a big shadow; he should cast a big shadow!”

Listen To Barkley’s complete interview below:



What should Isaiah Thomas do?

On Sunday, before game one between the Bulls and Celtics, Isaiah Thomas was seen on the sideline in tears as he deals with the death of his sister Chyna; who died in a one-car accident on Saturday.

When it comes to death, each person deals with it differently. The tough part for Thomas is his family is across the country in Washington. He has his teammates, but he probably needs his family.  If you look at Thomas by the numbers, he did what he has done throughout the course of the season. He finished with 33 pts, 5 rebs, and 6 assists

Hall of Famer Charles Barkley had this to say on TNT’s Inside the NBA when he saw Thomas on the sideline in tears:

“I’m not sure what to say — I’m not feeling comfortable with him sitting on the sideline crying like that,” Barkley said on the pregame show. “That makes me uncomfortable. So that tells me he’s not in shape to play. I mean, I don’t know how this night is going to turn out, but to be sitting on the sideline a few minutes before the game, crying, that just makes me uncomfortable for him.

“That’s just not a good look for him, in my personal opinion. I mean, he is clearly devastated, like we all would be if we lost a sibling, but sitting on the sideline right before the game, that makes me uncomfortable.”

In reality, most people were probably uncomfortable watching Thomas cry on the bench. It is never comfortable to see someone in pain. The obvious questions would be: Is he ready to play? Should he be with his family?  No one can answer those questions, but Thomas. Basketball might be the best thing for him right now.  It is a two plus hour distraction. You wonder how the funeral will be handled, and whether Thomas will go back to Washington in-between games one and two (Game two on Tuesday). It would not be unreasonable if Thomas decided to shut it down for the next few games. Do I think he would do that? Probably not, but he would not be wrong.

In the end, Thomas has to do whatever works best for him.  No matter how comfortable we are with his decision.

Prayers to Isaiah Thomas and his family.

Update: According to Celtics’ coach Brad Stevens, Thomas will play in games two and three.

Barkley rooting against UCLA

Charles Barkley and Lavar Ball have been going at it for the past few weeks. Recently, Barkley challenged Ball to a 1-on-1 basketball game. Friday night, Barkley said he will be rooting against any team playing UCLA, essentially because of Lavar Ball.  Barkley wore a Kent State jersey and said he will be wearing the jersey of any team playing UCLA moving forward.

We’ll see if Charles gets his wish tonight as UCLA battles Kent State.