Frampton on Herring: ‘That’s the fight that I want’

Former two-weight world champion Carl “The Jackal” Frampton  participated in a Zoom press conference on Wednesday. Frampton, who is currently campaigning at junior lightweight, will make a pit stop at lightweight against Scottish veteran Darren Traynor.

Here is what Frampton and Top Rank chairman Bob Arum had to say.

Carl Frampton:

On the late opponent switch and fighting at lightweight rather than junior lightweight

“Obviously, it was a disaster, the whole lead-up regarding opponents. I have to give MTK Global credit. They assumed there could’ve been {an issue} because of the current situation that the whole world is facing. It turned out Corona didn’t affect anything, but the issue was visa problems for {Vahram} Vardanyan, the original opponent. I think Traynor has been paid by MTK for the last four or five weeks on the chance that this fight may have come about. So, Traynor has been training for me for five weeks. I’ve been training for him for one week.”

On fighting as a lightweight for the first time

It hasn’t really affected me, to be honest. I’ve enjoyed this fight week more than any other because I’ve been doing the weight OK.

“Although I’m short in stature, I walk around about 150, 148 anyway. {Traynor} is probably doing me a favor as well.”

On the Jamel Herring fight

“That’s the fight that I want. We kind of had a date agreed — June 13 was the proposed date, and I think everything was pretty much set to go and the fight was going to happen. And I supposed with it kind of falling away that he wouldn’t be as keen anymore or maybe Top Rank wouldn’t be as keen to make the fight, or the governing body. But everyone seems on board. I want the fight. Jamel wants it. Top Rank and Bob Arum want it. I think that is the plan, to have that fight next.”

On a potential third Leo Santa Cruz fight

“I don’t see that fight ever happening. I think Leo did promise that, but I think, to be honest, he’s full of sh*t. The fight could’ve happened if he wanted it to happen. It never has, and it’s a shame.”

Bob Arum:

On the status of Herring vs. Frampton

“If Jamel is successful {Sept. 5 against Jonathan Oquendo}, and if Carl is successful on Saturday, I have a date picked out in November where they’ll fight for the title. That’s done. Everyone is on board. One thing I can’t control is the virus, but we’re going to do that fight in November. It may very well be another ‘Bubble’ fight.

“If both guys win these interim fights, you can count on a world title fight between Herring and Frampton in November.”