Jaguars’ Fournette: ‘The playoff chances are probably out’

The month of November was a huge month for the Jacksonville Jaguars. If they have success, the playoffs were a possiblity. If not, making the playoffs would be tough. Unfortunately for the Jacksonville, the last three games, which were against division opponents, ended with three consecutive losses for the Jaguars, including a 42-20 loss to the Titans at Nissan Stadium on Sunday.

In the last three weeks, Jacksonville was outscored by the Texans, Colts, and Titans, 101-36. Also, Jacksonville allowed 216 yards on the ground to the Texans, 264 yards rushing to the Colts, and gave up 219 rushing yards to Tennessee on Sunday. 

With the loss, Jacksonville is 4-7, which means they will have a hard time making the playoffs this season.

“It’s very (disappointing). The playoff chances are probably out,” Jaguars RB Leonard Fournette said after the game. “Tough loss today. You can’t really put it into words — the plays we needed we didn’t make on both sides of the football. But like I told the guys, this is a stepping stone for a lot of us.

“We work our (expletive) off during practice the entire season. We didn’t get the results that we wanted or that we needed. But my spirits are kind of high. It’s not about the touchdowns or any of that. But the talk I had last week with my dad and Marcus Allen. It always could be worse.”

And while Jacksonville may have a hard time making the playoffs, this team will not quit, according to DE Calais Campbell.

I know this team is going to keep fighting, there isn’t any quit in us,” Campbell said. “We don’t like losing, especially the way we have, but we are going to keep playing. Hopefully, we can play some good ball and have a winning season and get lucky. Right now, it stings a little, and the flight home won’t be fun, but we will grade the tape and get back to playing ball. We can’t let this end our season.

“We still have a chance at 9-7, and that has gotten you in the playoffs before. I’m going to fight until the end and until there is no zeros left on the clock, and I know my guys will keep fighting too. Don’t expect us to lay down and quit.”

You cannot give up over 200 yards on the ground and expect to win games. Jacksonville’s defense has let them down, and the offense has not been much better. This team had an opportunity to put themselves in position to make the playoffs, but after the last three games, it’s clear that Jacksonville is not good enough to be a playoff team.