Broncos’ Brandon Marshall on Vick’s comments about Kap: ‘Those words should never have come out of his mouth from a black man to another black man’

Broncos LB Brandon Marshall has been a huge supporter of Colin Kaepernick.

Marshall and Kaepernick  have known each other for years. They were college teammates at Nevada, and they are fraternity brothers as well.

Marshall, who took a knee during the national anthem last season, was disappointed in Michael Vick’s comments about Kaepernick’s hair.

Marshall told TMZ Sports his reaction to VIck’s comments:

“The black community, we grew up loving Michael Vick. He was transcendent to the quarterback position. How he ran with the ball. He was just this hot, dynamic player. And off the field, he was this hip-hop guy as well. If you didn’t like sports, you would see Mike Vick. If you did like sports, and if you did like hip-hop, you would see how he kind of crossed over. And it was amazing. I’m like ‘yo this dude is it.’ For him to say all that, and I understand he went through what he went through, but he should never have thought that way. Those words should have never came out of his mouth from a black man to another black man, it was just crazy,” said Marshall.

I believe Vick was coming from a good place. All Vick was trying to do was help Kaepernick. Unfortunately, Kap’s hair has nothing to do with him securing a spot on a NFL roster.

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Terrance Knighton retires

Terrance Knighton has decided to retire, and go into coaching according to ESPN’s Adam Schefter. The 30-year old Knighton played 8 season in the NFL. “Pot Roast,” was signed by the Patriots last off-season; Knighton was ultimately released in August.

Knighton played for Jaguars, Broncos,  and Redskins.

Enjoy retirement!

Broncos not interested in Romo?

We might be able to take a team off the list in the Tony Romo sweepstakes. Broncos’ GM John Elway said today that the plan is for the Broncos to “stay the course” and go with Paxton Lynch or Trevor Siemian at the quarterback position next season.

Also, according to Elway, there has not been any talk about between him and the Cowboys about Romo.

Elway is at the league meetings in Phoenix, AZ.

Here is the quote via Denver Post writer Nicki Jhabvala’s Twitter feed:

Ware calls it quits!

Citing long-term health and quality of life, former Cowboy and Bronco LB Demarcus Ware calls it quits after 12 seasons.  Ware, who is eighth on the all-time sacks list (138.5), seemed like he had some football left in his 34 year-old body. I guess health is more important at this time. The next question is about Ware and the Hall of Fame. Ware has more sacks than two recent Hall of Famers (John Randle and Richard Dent); he is one sack behind 2017 Hall of Fame inductee Jason Taylor.  Based on the numbers, and winning a Super Bowl in 2015, it is safe to say he is a Hall of Famer!