Commanders’ Robinson: ‘Never give up on something you really truly believe in’

In August, Washington Commanders RB Brian Robinson Jr. was a victim of a carjacking in Washington, D.C. Robinson was shot in his glute and lower leg. After the shooting, he underwent surgery and spent time in a D.C. area hospital. Ultimately, he was placed on the non-football injury list.

On Wednesday, the rookie running back returned to practice, and if all goes well, he could make his NFL debut this Sunday when the Commanders host the Tennessee Titans.

After practice, Robinson met the media, and for him, being in the hospital bed after the shooting was one of the lowest points of his life.

“It probably one of the lowest points in my life,” he said. “That was probably the lowest point I’ve ever been in my life, you know? The only thing I remember from being in the hospital just receiving all the love and everybody reaching out to me, spreading the love. That was all I needed at the time. People probably didn’t know that was all I needed at the time was the love and the care and the respect from the situation I was in.”

According to Robinson, once the doctors said he would still be able to play football, he did everything in his power to make that happen with the help of his doctors and trainer.

“Once the doctor told me I’ll be able to play ball again, then my mind automatically clicked into what I needed to do to get myself back on the football field, you know?” he said. “So, you know, just listening to the doctors and the trainers and everybody who you knows, been in my circle helping me. They’ve done everything they possibly could to get me to this point, and I’m just thankful for all of them, honestly.”

Following the completion of his first running back drill at practice, Robinson pointed to the sky, which he explained.

“I did that because that was just the first thing, you know, God was the first man; I had to put in first, you know after I went through that running back drill that you’re talking about,” Robinson said. “I was forced to do a few movements in that drill that I wasn’t completely confident in before walking out on the field. So, you know, after doing the drill, it just helped me gain more confidence in myself. So by the time I finished that drill, you know, I knew that I was at least where I needed to be, if not a little bit further, as far as, you know, the progress I made.”

Robinson also had a message for those battling adversity.

“Never give up on something you really truly believe in,” he said. “Like, my passion for this game run so deep, you know? I never thought I’d be in a situation where I had to question or I’d be questioned if I’d be able to return back to playing football. So my message would be whatever you want, just go after it, man. It really doesn’t matter what it takes, you know, ups and downs going to come with it. You just got to fight. You got to fight till the end, fight until the finish. Just keep fighting away until you know the time comes, you know?”

If Robinson gets on the field this week, next week, or at any point of the season, it doesn’t matter. Robinson being alive is the best part of the story.