(WATCH) Iverson, Trout, Dawkins, others announce the Eagles 2019 schedule

To celebrate the release of the 2019 schedule, the Philadelphia Eagles enlisted help from some of their most famous fans, including Mike Trout, The Roots, Brian Dawkins, Diplo, Allen Iverson, Jim Cramer, Lil Dicky, Boyz II Men, and Jon Dorenbos.

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Randy Moss on Dawkins: ‘There’s nothing he couldn’t do on the field'(Video)

Hall of Famer Brian Dawkins did a lot of great things on the football field during his 16-year NFL career. He was good in coverage; he ended his career with 37 interceptions. He was good at blitzing the quarterback; Dawkins finished his career with 26 sacks, and he was opportunistic. Dawkins finished his career with 36 forced fumbles.

Essentially, there was nothing Dawkins could not do, so says Hall of Famer Randy Moss, who was inducted with Dawkins, into the Pro Football Hall of Fame last week.

“There’s nothing he couldn’t do on the field,” Moss recently said. “Interceptions, roamed the field, blitzed, tackle any person on the field.”

I guess that is why Dawkins is in the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

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Brian Dawkins explains why Philly has a great chance to repeat(Video)

The Philadelphia Eagles surprised a lot of people last season. Not many people thought Philly had much of a chance to win a Super Bowl in 2017, but QB Carson Wentz played like an MVP, and defensively, the team got after the quarterback. Even late in the season, when Wentz went down with a torn ACL, many people did not think the Eagles could win a Super Bowl. However, Nick Foles stepped in, and led the Eagles to victory in Super Bowl 52.

Coming into the 2018 season, the Eagles could possibly be a better team. Wentz is returning, and nine-time Pro Bowl OT Jason Peters is back. Also, they added Pro Bowl DE Michael Bennett in the offseason. Furthermore, the coaching staff is pretty much intact.

Hall of Famer and former Eagle Brian Dawkins likes where the Eagles are at this point. He believes Philly has a great chance to repeat.

“Usually the thing that sets the team back for failure is complacency,” Dawkins told Paul Gant. “It’s too many guys that didn’t play in the Super Bowl last year for the Philadelphia Eagles that are stars on that team that wants it too bad to allow those guys to dog it, so that’s why I believe they have a great chance of repeating this year.”

They have the talent, but a lot has to go right for a team to win a title, and a lot went right for the Eagles last season. We’ll see if it goes right for Philly in 2018.

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Dawkins on 2002 Eagles: ‘I just knew that team was going to win the Super Bowl'(VIDEO)

During the Andy Reid era, the Philadelphia Eagles had a lot of success. They went to five NFC title games, which included four straight appearances(2001-2004), and made it to the Super Bowl in the 2004 sason before losing to the Patriots.

The team had many chances to win it all, but they could not break through. Soon to be Hall of Famer Brian Dawkins, who played with the Eagles from 1996-2008, believes the 2002 team gave him the best chance to win a Super Bowl. In 2002, the Eagles were making their second consecutive trip to the NFC Championship Game. The year before, Philly lost to the Rams in St Louis in the NFC title game, but this time around, the Eagles would be hosting the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in the final game at Veterans Stadium. However, it did not matter, as the Eagles would fall to Tampa 27-10. The Buccaneers would go on to beat the Raiders in Super Bowl XXXVII.

I thought that was the team,” Dawkins said about the 2002 Eagles. “I just knew that was the team that was going to win the Super Bowl.”

Before losing to the Buccaneers in that NFC title game, the Eagles had owned Tampa. Philly had beaten the Bucs in the playoffs in 2000 and 2001.

Listen below as Dawkins talks about losing to the Buccaneers in 2002: