Brent Celek on future: ‘I wanna play, but the situation gotta be right’

Former Eagles tight end Brent Celek had a great run in Philadelphia, which culminated with the Eagles winning Super Bowl 52 last month.

Celek, who spent 11 seasons in Philadelphia, was released by the team this week.

The fans in Philly loved Celek, and recently, he received a standing ovation from the fans at a Philadelphia 76ers game:

Celek was the longest-tenured member of the Eagles before his release.

No matter what happens next, Celek will never forget his time in Philadelphia and will never forget winning Super Bowl 52:

“Winning the Super Bowl was the highlight, obviously, of my career,” Celek told TMZ Sports. “We just had a bunch of unselfish guys that were giving everything they had for the team. When we saw that coming together, we knew it special, but we knew we had to win every single game for it to mean something to the city. We were able to bring it home. Man, the parade down Broad Street was epic.”

Regarding the future, Celek is unsure about his plans, but would like to return to Philly in some capacity in the future:

“I’m not really sure. I’m going to weigh all my options and see where that takes me,” Celek said. “I’m not saying I’m going to play or not play. I wanna play, but the situation gotta be right. Whether it’s with another team or back here, I have no clue.

“I do know that one day I will back with the Eagles in some capacity. When? Who knows, but I love that organization(Eagles). They’ve treated me well over the last 11 years. I owe it to them down the road.”

Celek was very popular with his teammates. Here is what Eagles star QB Carson Wentz tweeted about him:


According to a report, the 33-year-old tight end is meeting with the Lions today.
Should be interesting to see what the future holds for Celek.