Ex-Pats CB Browner on NE SB loss: ‘They deserve that for not playing Malcolm’

What happened to New England Patriots CB Malcolm Butler is $100,000 question.

Butler, who was the starter all season long for the Patriots, was told before the game that he was not going to play any defensive snaps in Super Bowl 52.

After the game, Butler told ESPN the following: “It was a coach’s decision. … I don’t know what it was,” Butler said. “I guess I wasn’t playing good. They didn’t feel comfortable. I could have changed that game, though.”

Former Patriots CB Brandon Browner had a huge issue with Bill Belichick’s decision to bench Butler.

Browner had this to say on a video he shared on Instagram:

“Man, Bill wasn’t right at all tonight. I didn’t know how to feel watching that [expletive] without my homie playing, without Malcolm playing.

“That dude done started every game for that team, you feel me, since he picked the [expletive] ball off, and he was taking their number one dude, at that,” Browner said. “That(expletive) was on some power trip(expletive). Like to prove a point. You play every game of the season but the Super Bowl. You feel me? I can’t rock with that. That was a [expletive] call. That was a [expletive] decision. That was a power trip. You divide the locker room when you do that.”

“They deserve that [loss] for not playing Malcolm.”

Not saying having Butler on the field would have changed anything, but it could not have been any worse. Nick Foles carved up that Patriots secondary.

I guess we will find out what happened in due time.