Asante Samuel on Patriots: ‘It’s never the end of a dynasty as long as they got TB’

November and December is usually the time when the Patriots start to take off. According to, with Tom Brady as the starter, the Patriots are a combined 103-28 in November and December. However, this season, the Patriots have struggled. They are 3-3 in the month of November and December, and while they will probably win the AFC East(what else is new), they are 9-5, and might be playing during Wild Card Weekend. Currently, they are the third seed in the AFC.

Can the Patriots get right before the playoffs? According to former Patriot Asante Samuel, as long as they have Brady, they will be just fine.

“TB is the man!” TB can go anywhere and make it work just like that,” Samuel told TMZ Sports.  “Every year is always going to have its different challenges, and that’s what the Patriots and Bill Belichick built his team for different challenges and adversity. I’m excited. I’m ready to see how the playoffs turn out and see where it goes.”

The way things are looking for the Patriots they are probably going to have to go on the road if they want to get back to the Super Bowl. Of the five Super Bowls won by Brady and Belichick, the Patriots had home-field advantage throughout in three out of the five Super Bowl runs.

No matter the numbers, Samuel still believes in the Brady and the Patriots.

“Yes, they can definitely win a Super Bowl,” Samuel said. “My money is on them; at the beginning of the season, in the middle of the season, and at the end of the season. As long as they got TB, that’s where my money at.”

The Patriots will always have a shot as long as they have Brady, but this season does seem different, and with WR Josh Gordon out after being suspended indefinitely by the NFL,it could be tough sledding for New Ejngland moving forward. But, in the end, they still have Belichick and Brady, so the dynasty still has a chance to keep going with those guys together.


Asante Samuel believes he belongs in the Hall of Fame

Throughout his 11-year NFL career, CB Asante Samuel was a playmaker. In his five seasons with the Patriots, Samuel amassed 22 interceptions, three that went for touchdowns. In 2007, Samuel was named to the Pro Bowl and was First Team All-Pro. Also, Samuel was apart of two Super Bowl winning teams with the Patriots.

In 2008, Samuel would sign with the Philadelphia Eagles, where he would continue his playmaking ways. In four seasons with the Eagles, Samuel had 23 picks, two that went for touchdowns, and three Pro Bowl appearances.

Samuel would retire in 2013 after spending two seasons with the Falcons. He ended his career with 51 interceptions(32nd in NFL history), six that were returned for touchdowns. He also had seven picks in the playoffs, which is tied for six in NFL history, and of those seven picks, he returned 4 for touchdowns, which is an NFL record.

Does Samuel belong in the Hall of Fame? He thinks so.

“If I’m not mistaken, it’s three people(seven players) in the Hall of Fame already with 50 interceptions in 10 years,” Samuel told TMZ Sports. “I mean I broke the playoff record, which Willie Brown had (most interceptions returns for touchdowns). He’s a Hall of Famer. I was a two-time interception leader in the NFL (2006, 2009), which is more than others.

“The facts are the facts, so if you are going by the facts, Pro Bowls and All-Pros, yeah, I was overlooked. I had 10 interceptions one year(2006) and didn’t make it to the Pro Bowl, so we’ll see how that go. The facts are the facts.”

Samuel, along with notable players such as Tony Gonzalez, Champ Bailey, and Ed Reed will be eligible for the Hall of Fame in 2019.

I think Samuel has a great case for the Hall. Based on the numbers, he was a playmaker not only in the regular season, but in the playoffs, too.

If we look at Samuel’s complete body of work, you have to say that he belongs in the Hall of Fame. Only thing you could point to is that missed interception opportunity in Super Bowl XLII against the New York Giants, but that does not overshadow the many plays he made in his career.