Willie McGinest on Rams: ‘They have a monster squad’

The Los Angeles have done a lot in this offseason to strengthen their team. They added two big-time corners in Aqib Talib and Marcus Peters, and this week, they agreed to terms with five-time Pro Bowl DT Ndamukong Suh.

With all these additions, many expect the Rams defense to be one of the best in football, including the NFL Network’s Willie McGinest:

“They’re one of the best. I would say the addition of Suh, Talib and Peters on the outside,” McGinest told TMZ Sports.  “They were already solid, already a well- coached team. When you add pieces like that, man, it makes them even more dominant than what they were.”

The Rams already have Aaron Donald, who might be the best defensive tackle in football. Now, you add Suh to the mix, and according to McGinest, that’s going to be tough for offenses to handle:

“It’s hard to game plan as far as protection, who you going to slide to; you can’t double-team one guy anymore, and Wade Phillips does a great job of scheming; using players and putting them in the right position, so they got a monster squad, man. It’s going to be exciting to see how this comes together.” McGinest said.

McGinest believes Donald and Suh together could be one of the best interior lineman combinations in the history of the game:

“It’s a scary combination. I can’t go through history, but that’s one of the best as far as interior defensive linemen playing together,” McGinest said. “That’s definitely one of the most feared twosome you’re going to have playing (with) one another, so teams are going to have to figure it out. Offensive coordinators are going to be up at night trying to figure that out.”


While Suh, Peters, and Talib come with some baggage, McGinest expects these players to be fine in Los Angeles:

“I love Talib, and I love Suh. They’ll be alright. Sean McVay runs a tight ship. He lets players be opinionated, be themselves, but he also runs a tight ship with structure,  and discipline, and they’re going to respect him,” McGinest said. “They’re going to love playing for him. And it’s not about one or two guys. They understand it’s about the team, and players go through things at times. I think they’re going to be in a good situation. They’re in California; they’re on a very good team. They gotta chance to go deep into the playoffs. So, they want to prove something. They’re somewhere new. Anytime you go to a new home, you want to prove that you belong, and you want to do your part, so I don’t see it being a distraction.”

Last season, the Rams were able to win 11 games, which was good enough to win the NFC West and host a Wild Card playoff game, but their season ended in that round as they lost to the Falcons.

Now, with all that the Rams have, anything short of a deep playoff run, would be a disappointment.