Lillard on shooting half-court three-point shots in regular season games: ‘If I get it going, I’m definitely going to do it’

It was “Dame Time” at the 2021 NBA All-Star Game in Atlanta as Team LeBron and Blazers star Damian Lillard put on a shooting display. Lillard scored 32 points, including the game-winning three as Team LeBron defeated Team Durant 170-150 on Sunday night.

“Logo Lillard” shot 11-20 from the field, including 8-16 from three-point range. The six-time All-Star’s game-winning three was just inside the half-court line, and after the game, he talked about it. 

“I hit two in a row, and I knew that we had game point at the three,” Lillard said. “And the ball came off, Steph(Curry) handed, and he pulled up, and once he missed his and he inbounded the ball to me on the next one, I was like, I’m about to fire this one. They backed up on me, and I just rose up.”

Lillard was on-fire and was shooting jumpers comfortably from half-court. According to him, the half-court shots felt like a normal jump shot. 

“I haven’t done it in an actual game,” Lillard said about half-court threes. “I wanted to test it out in some live-action, and it felt decent. It felt fine, like a normal jumper. I was able to shoot it pretty easy. We talked about it in the huddle. Me, Steph, and CP(Chris Paul) were like, we’ve got to catch a lob, and we’ve got to pull one of these threes, me and Steph got some deep ones off.”

When asked if we will see him shooting half-court threes in a regular-season game, Lillard said the following.

“I think I’m going to, but it has to be out of respect for our team,” he said. “We work hard on the defensive end, so I don’t want to just come down and waste a defensive possession with it. But if I get it going, I’m definitely going to do it.”

Lillard, like Curry, has unlimited range, which was beautiful to see on Sunday night. Curry is probably the greatest shooter of all-time, but as he demonstrated on Sunday night, Lillard is right there with him.