London crowd yells at Floyd Mayweather: ‘Sit down, shut up’

The final stop of the Mayweather-McGregor World Tour was in London today. In all of the stops, the crowds have been cheering for McGregor, and booing Mayweather.

London was no different. 

Watch below:

Former NBA star Mychal Thompson(Klay’s dad) on Melo to Rockets: ‘Serious threat to the Warriors’

At one point, it seemed that Carmelo Anthony was headed to the Rockets. Now, with a new GM, the Knicks are reportedly open to keeping Anthony in New York. Former NBA player Mychal Thompson, who is the father of the Warriors’ Klay Thompson, believes that Anthony to the Rockets makes them a serious threat to the Warriors, but he does not believe it is enough.

“Overtake the Warriors? I don’t think so, but they’ll be a serious threat to the Warriors,” Thompson told TMZ Sports. “You add Carmelo Anthony to Chris Paul and James Harden, you gotta take them serious.”

Simply put, Thompson believes the Warriors are a special team.

“They just know what it takes to win. They got something special in Oakland.”

Melo to the Rockets definitely gives Houston a chance against the Warriors. Is it enough? I would say no, but injuries can happen. If one of the “Big 4” in Golden State goes down, Houston could supplant the Warriors with Melo, but all things equal, GSW is still the better team.

Lonzo Ball has big time summer league performance while wearing Nike sneakers

Game one was bad, game two was a triple-double, and game three was even better for Lonzo Ball. The 19-year-old rookie dropped 36 pts, 11 asts, 8 rebs, and 5 stls in the Lakers 103-102 victory over 76ers in summer league play out in Las Vegas on Wednesday night. 

Are we getting a glimpse of what we could see during the regular season and beyond?  We’ll find out!

In an interesting twist, Ball wore Nike sneakers in tonight’s game:

Kevin Durant is not liking Peyton Manning’s joke

The 25th annual ESPYS Awards is being hosted by former NFL QB Peyton Manning. As the host, Manning is full of jokes, including one directed at 2017 NBA Finals’ MVP Kevin Durant.

Watch Durant and Russell Westbrook’s reaction:



McGregor to Mayweather: ‘Dance for me boy’

Conor McGregor really likes when Floyd Mayweather dances for him. Yesterday, he asked Mayweather to dance for him, and today in Toronto, he asked Mayweather to do the same. I wonder what the backlash will be for this one.

Watch below:

Possible four-team deal involving Carmelo Anthony?

According to ESPN, the Knicks and Rockets are discussing a trade involving Carmelo Anthony.  The teams are looking to possibly add two more teams to the mix, but nothing is close, according to the report.

Reportedly, Anthony has been willing to waive his no-trade clause for only the Rockets or Cavaliers. Cleveland is said to be still interested in acquiring the 10-time All-Star.

The Knicks are reportedly unwilling to take back any older players in any deal with the Rockets, and are unwilling to take back any big contracts, thus the reason for additional teams, according to the report.

Adding the 33-year-old Anthony to the Rockets would form a “Big 3″(Harden and Paul) in Houston. With a point guard like Chris Paul, this should be able to work. With LeBron in Cleveland, Melo would work with the Cavaliers too.  We’ll see where this goes!