Westbrook gets triple-double number 33

The Russell Westbrook triple-double show made a stop in Brooklyn last night; he messed around and got triple-double number 33. OKC defeated the Nets 122-104. Westbrook stat line was 25pts, 12 rebs and 19 assts. The Thunder are 27-6 when Westbrook messes around and gets a triple-double. In order for Westbrook to finish the season averaging a triple-double and being at 30ppg, he would need to average 21.8 ppg, 8.8 apg, and 7.5 rpg. Can he do it? I think he will.

If he finishes the season averaging a triple-double, he has to be the MVP.  I just can’t see how he could not be the MVP. What’s happening here is historic. This achievement warrants the MVP!

We’ll see if the MVP voters agree!

Le’Veon Bell comes for Lavar Ball!

Coming off groin surgery, Steelers’ RB Le’Veon Bell had a little extra time on his hands, so Bell took to Twitter to slam Lavar Ball for saying that he could beat Michael Jordan 1 on 1.    Ball, who is the father of UCLA’s Lonzo Ball, averaged 2.2 ppg at Washington State back in 1988.

I hope Lavar is enjoying his 15 minutes!

Lacy to the Seahawks

The Seahawks may have finally found their replacement for Marshawn Lynch. Lacy and the Seahawks agree to a one-year deal, at 5.55 million(3 million guaranteed). This is an opportunity for both parties. An opportunity for Seattle to solidify their running back situation, and an opportunity for Lacy to prove himself.  If Lacy can dominate, maybe he can paid next season. A motivated, in shape Eddie Lacy, could be an upgrade in Seattle.

Parsons out for the year?

Chandler Parsons may have another season ending surgery; he may need surgery to repair a partially torn meniscus in his left knee. Unfortunately, four-years, 94 million dollars does not go as far as it used to in the NBA.  At this point, Parsons is out indefinitely. He had surgery last season on his right knee.

At the time of signing, eyebrows were raised because Parsons had a hard time staying healthy. He could not stay healthy in Dallas, and now the same thing is happening in Memphis. Probably a lot of buyer’s remorse for the Grizzlies right now. 

Maybe C.J. McCollum’s tweet was right:




3 Balls equals 1 billion dollars

Lavar Ball is at it again. He is a man who may have a plan. For Lavar Ball, in terms of a shoe deal, three sons equals one billion dollars; at least that is what he told USA Today. “That’s our number, a billion, straight out of the gate, and you don’t even have to give it to me all up front. Give us $100 million a year.” 

Ball is confident that his boys will be something special in the NBA. That confidence has led Lavar to the develop the “Big Baller Brand,” which is an apparel line inspired by his three sons.  We will see where this goes, but because of Lavar, expect a big bulls eye on the backs of Lonzo, LaMelo, and LiAngelo. 

The 15 minutes of fame continues for Lavar!

Sanders to the Cavs

Lebron wanted help and more help is on the way. The Cavaliers sign C Larry Sanders on Monday.  Also, the Cavaliers ended the Andrew Bogut era after one minute, by waiving him. Sanders, 28, has not played in two years. He has a lot of rust to work off. You wonder how much he could help the Cavs right away.

Sanders previously had issues with marijuana. He violated the drug policy on four occasions.  Hopefully all the nonsense is behind him. Bogut tweeted congrats to Sanders.

Ware calls it quits!

Citing long-term health and quality of life, former Cowboy and Bronco LB Demarcus Ware calls it quits after 12 seasons.  Ware, who is eighth on the all-time sacks list (138.5), seemed like he had some football left in his 34 year-old body. I guess health is more important at this time. The next question is about Ware and the Hall of Fame. Ware has more sacks than two recent Hall of Famers (John Randle and Richard Dent); he is one sack behind 2017 Hall of Fame inductee Jason Taylor.  Based on the numbers, and winning a Super Bowl in 2015, it is safe to say he is a Hall of Famer!

Tanoh Kpassagnon on the 40: ‘I think I could run faster’

The NFL combine brought out the best in a lot of players. It is an opportunity for players to prove why they belong in the NFL. One person who made the best of this opportunity is former Villanova DE Tanoh Kpassagnon.  The 6’7, 289 pound Kpassagnon did some amazing things in Indianapolis; including running the 40 in 4.83 seconds, but Kpassagnon feels he could run it faster. “Honestly, I think I could run faster than that. I was happy with that time, but yeah I think I could of run faster than that,” Kpassgnon told Go4it host Paul Gant. When asked what was his fastest time Kpassagnon said: “Probably like low 4.7s.”

Some believe Kpassagnon will be a project on the next level, and may not be able to contribute day one. He feels differently.  “I learn fast, so I feel like I could grow into a playable player really quick.”

Kpassagnon has his pro day coming up. That will be a great time to further prove he belongs in the NFL. Kpassagnon just might show the country that Villanova is more than just a basketball school!

To listen to the complete interview:


Interview comes in at 1:05:11