Clippers agree to terms with Patrick Patterson

The L.A. Clippers have signed free agent forward Patrick Patterson, the team announced.

According to ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski, it’s a one-year, $2.3 million deal.

Earlier this month, Patterson and the Thunder agreed to a buyout.  Patterson had one year left on the three-year, $16.4 million deal he signed with OKC in 2017.

Last season, the 30-year-old Patterson appeared in 63 games for the Oklahoma City Thunder, averaging 3.6 points and 2.3 rebounds in 13.7 minutes.

The 6’9″, 230-pound forward holds career averages of 6.9 points and 4.1 rebounds, while shooting 45.0 percent from the field in 21.8 minutes in nine seasons with Houston, Sacramento, Toronto, and Oklahoma City.

Patterson is another guy that can help bolster the Clippers’ bench as this team prepares to make a run at an NBA title next season.


Marrone on Minshew: ‘I think that he showed he got better from the week before’

Last week, Jaguars rookie QB Gardner Minshew, who started in place of Nick Foles against the Ravens, had a lot of struggles, as he completed only 7 of 14 passes for 46 yards in a 29-0 loss to Baltimore.

What a difference a week makes. Against the Eagles on Thursday night, Minshew, who was selected by the Jaguars in the sixth round out of Washington State in this year’s draft, again got the start, and this time, he looked like a different guy.

In three quarters of action, he completed 19 of 29 passes for 202 yards, and while the Jaguars would lose to the visiting Eagles 24-10 at TIAA Stadium, Minshew was a bright spot for the team.

“With Gardner [Minshew] tonight I was happy,” Jaguars head coach Doug Marrone said after the game. “He got us out of four things that a lot of young quarterbacks are not going to be able to do. He’s a bright kid, a smart kid. I think that he showed he got better from the week before.

According to Minshew, he felt much more comfortable this week against the Eagles.

“Going back and watching the film, seeing that we weren’t that far off and we’re even closer still,” Minshew said. “We still got a lot of things we can do better. Definitely getting a lot more confident…

“The more reps you get, the more comfortable it is. The less foreign it is to you and hopefully continues to get easier from here.”

Although Minshew only led the Jaguars on one scoring drive, which was a field goal, the team has to be happy with what they saw out of Minshew, especially considering how he looks against the Ravens the week before.

Photo/courtesy: Jacksonville Jaguars

James Kirkland returns on August 24

Professional championship boxing returns to the Frank Erwin Center on August 24 with Capital City Fight Night. In association with Underwood promotions, Davies Entertainment is helping to continue the tradition of quality boxing at the Erwin Center, Showcasing four prize fighters fighting under the Davies Entertainment banner.

With his new management team (Davies Entertainment), local Austin knockout artist James Kirkland (32-2, 28KO) returns from a 4-year absence following a defeat to pound-for-pound fighter Saul”Canelo” Alvarez. Kirkland has been one of boxing’s most explosive fighters with knockout wins over Brian Vera, Joel Julio, Alfredo Angulo, and Glen Tapia. This fight marks the 18th anniversary of his pro debut in 2001. Kirkland looks to make one final run toward a championship taking on upset-minded Missouri brawler Colby Courter (13-14, 10KO) in a six round Middleweight bout.

Capital City Fight Night will feature three title bouts headlined by San Antonio’s Eddie Ortiz (8-0-2, 4KO) battling Killeen’s rough and rugged brawler Jas Phipps (10-6-2, 5KO) in an eight round Middleweight contest for the World Boxing Council USNBC Silver Middleweight Title. Ortiz comes in fresh off a third round knockout over Jesus Gomez Rodriguez in April while Phipps comes in on a 5-fight winning streak that last saw him beat former world title challenger Brian Vera.

In the Co-main event, the American Boxing Federation USA Welterweight title is up for grabs when San Antonio’s Daniel Baiz (13-1, 5KO) takes on Waco’s upset specialist Marquis Hawthorne (7-11, 1KO) in an eight round welterweight contest. Hawthorne has wins over four undefeated fighters while fighting some of the nation’s up and coming talent. Baiz comes in looking to build on his 6-fight winning streak and attempt to pick up his first title in his 5-year career.

Also featured on the card, San Antonio’s Benjamin Whitaker (11-3, 2KO), a crafty ring technician who faces southpaw Raymond Guzman (3-2, 2KO). Whitaker, along with James Kirkland, Daniel Baiz, and Eddie Ortiz are all represented by the sports management division of Davies Entertainment.

Report: Lakers C DeMarcus Cousins tears ACL

According to The Athletic’s Shams Charania, Lakers C DeMarcus Cousins has suffered a torn ACL. The four-time All-Star was working out in Las Vegas on Monday when he had to leave the court, according to ESPN.

The 29-year-old Cousins signed a one-year deal with the Lakers back in July. Last season, Cousins signed with the Warriors after coming off a ruptured Achilles tendon in 2018 while with the Pelicans. The 10-year veteran also tore his quad during this year’s playoffs. However, he was able to return for the Finals.

Obviously, this injury is a big blow for the Lakers and an even bigger blow for Cousins, who was hoping to secure a long-term deal in the near future.


Bradley to Ruiz: ‘Hey, hold your ground; they need you'(VIDEO)

On Monday, at a press conference in London, Matchroom Boxing’s Eddie Hearn announced that Andy Ruiz Jr.-Anthony Joshua 2 would take place on December 7 in Saudi Arabia. The first fight, which was in New York City at Madison Square Garden back in June, ended with Joshua getting stopped by Ruiz.

For Ruiz to get the first fight with Joshua, he had to agree to a rematch clause, and according to Hearn, Ruiz knows what he agreed to in the contract, and Ruiz knows that Joshua’s side would determine where the rematch will be staged. However, Ruiz has an issue with the location of rematch.

“AJ got the rematch, yes we do got the rematch,” Ruiz said in an Instagram video on Tuesday. “But, it’s gonna be on my terms. We’re gonna bring it back here in the United States.”

Also, there were reports that Ruiz is unhappy with his purse, which will reportedly be around $9 million.

Former world champion Timothy Bradley gave his thoughts on this issue, and according to Bradley, Ruiz’s handlers should not have agreed to certain terms in the contract.

“You signed a contract, man, and when you sign that contract, man, your people gotta be smarter than that, bro,” Bradley said. “Come on, man. You sign a contract for money after you win the fight. Bro, you shouldn’t of put nothing in there. You should of just said, ‘nah, will do the rematch clause, but we not going to talk figures. That’s how you do it. You don’t put a figure there; you know what I’m saying? Because if you pull off upset, and you put the figure, and now, you are binded(bound) by the contract. That’s what happens.”

Bradley did have a little advice for Ruiz.

“So, he’s going to do whatever he needs to do to try to get more money, be stubborn,” Bradley said. “He’s the champ now, and he’s going to do what he needs to do to get that extra money. I think he’s gonna get that extra money no matter what, he will. Hey, hold your ground; they need you.”

It should be interesting how this saga plays out. On the surface, it would seem that Ruiz does not have much leverage, but as Bradley said, they need Ruiz, so in the end, Ruiz will probably get a little extra money and make his way over to Saudi Arabia on December 7.

Listen below:

Golden Tate on suspension: ‘I’m not trying to cheat’

On Tuesday, the NFL announced that Giants WR Golden Tate would be suspended for the first four games of the 2019 season for violating the league’s policy on performance-enhancing substances.

Tate, 31, who had appealed the suspension, which was denied by the league, will be able to return Week 5 against the Vikings. The 10-year veteran signed with the Giants this offseason after spending time with the Lions and Eagles last season.

Today, Tate addressed the suspension with the media.

Here is what he had to say:

Q: You seem surprised by the ruling, why is that?

Tate: I just thought after we looked at the facts and the situation that the NFL would be understanding. It’s kind of a non-tolerance policy. They upheld the suspension.

Q: What was the substance?

Tate: Clomiphene

Q: How did you find out that wasn’t allowed?

Tate: A few weeks after my test, I went back and spoke to the doctor. Initially, the doctor said it was not a banned substance. In fact, he had given it to other NFL players, which is why I trusted it and kept living my life. I was out to dinner one night with a guy who worked for me and he started talking about another player who was getting suspended for something completely different. A light went off in my head and I said let me call the doctor to make sure, to make myself feel better. I asked him what the active ingredient was and he looked it up right then and there and sure enough it was a banned substance.

Q: How frustrating is it, this decision that was rendered here?

Tate: It’s very frustrating. I have no problem with accepting the punishment. I’m responsible for what’s put into my body, ultimately. The tough thing I am dealing with is I’m letting down a lot of people. My family, the guys in the locker room, the people in the organization that brought me here. That’s kind of what’s been crushing me with this whole situation. I’m taking it day by day, the Giants have been overly supportive of this situation and worked with me throughout. I’m just ready to move on and get back to playing football. I guess my wife put it into perspective for me, although these times are very, very hard on me because I love this game and I take it very, very seriously. I think I’ve had a clean slate for the majority of my career. She put it into perspective yesterday. She said I played 182 games in my career, four games is a small part of that. Although right now it’s very hard to swallow and hard to deal with, she kind of put it into perspective.

Q: Why didn’t you go to the league or the team doctor before taking it?

Tate: I think ultimately because the doctor had said no, it’s not a banned substance and I have prescribed it to other NFL guys. If the doctor says I’m not sure, I would have 100 percent looked into it.  If the doctor never said he had never given it to other NFL players, I 1,000 percent would have looked into it. I’ve gone through the TUE process for a couple medicines and I completely understand it.

Q: Are you going to take any action against the doctor?

Tate: We are definitely looking into it, we are kind of examining all of our options. This all came out a few days ago, so I’m still trying to get through camp, trying my best to focus and continue to be a leader for this organization, and practice hard.

Q: How do you think the league should adjust how they view these things?

Tate: I don’t have all the answers. It’s a slippery slope. If you let my situation slide, then you have other guys that would probably try to say the same thing and it can open up a can of worms, that’s what I’m assuming. I have some ideas that I’m going to present to the NFL when the time comes. I think there are some ways to work with the players. (Inaudible).

Q: Is this one of those drugs that could have been a therapeutic use exemption had you gone to them before you took it?

Tate: I believe so.

Q: And you didn’t go to the league because the doctor told you it wasn’t banned?
Tate: Yes.

Q: You said that he told you he gave the same treatment to a couple other players. Did you find out who they were? Did you try to get them to testify on your behalf? Did you find out whether those guys had been suspended before?

Tate: Because of HIPAA, he wasn’t able to reveal those people.

Q: What is your plan, since you can’t be around the team those four games because of the rules with the suspension. What is your plan for those first four weeks? Where are you going to work out? Are you going to stay here?

Tate: I have to figure out what’s allowed as far as communication with the coaches and people inside the building.

Q: I don’t think you can be here.

Tate: Yeah, I know that. I’m not sure about the communication part. I’m going to get with (Strength and Conditioning) Coach Wellman and get an intense workout plan or something that allows me to stay in tip-top shape so once I get back in Week 5 I can hit the ground running. Like every year, you kind of use camp to get in shape for the season. I have to come in that Monday after the fourth game ready to rock and roll and ready to be rolling. Again, this is all new to me and I was expecting not to have this suspension, but I am going to deal with it. I’m going to deal with it the best I possibly can, stay positive and continue to try to lead this team and just work through it.

Q: Do you think this will fuel your fire even more once you get back on the football field?

Tate: No doubt.

Q: How do you mentally move forward from this for the rest of the year once you come back?

Tate: I think you just take it day-by-day. I honestly think the hardest part is just about over. I’ve been thinking about this since April or May. This has been on my mind. I’ve lost a lot of sleep. It has kind of hurt me to my core having to explain to the organization what’s going on. I’m just ready to move forward. I just want to play football. Look at me, I’m not trying to cheat. I think I have represented the NFL shield pretty well in my career. I have achieved a lot of things, and I hope this doesn’t smear that reputation that I have worked very hard for.

Q: I don’t mean to pry, but a lot of people have written stuff saying your wife had a baby earlier this year, why does he need a fertility drug – can you answer that?

Tate: That’s pretty personal. Very, very personal, so I don’t want to get into it.

Q: You have said in the past, I think 2013, that it was selfish that two other guys on your team at the time had gotten suspended. Do you know what they got suspended for? I think it was for drugs like marijuana or something?

Tate: I think that’s a completely different situation than me taking a substance to try to have another kid.

Q: I was just going to say, if the players in the locker room felt the same here what would you say to them?

Tate: It hasn’t been asked of me, so I haven’t had to address it. I’ll think about that one though.

Jay-Z on Roc Nation, NFL: ‘This partnership is an opportunity to strengthen the fabric of communities across America’

Roc Nation announced it has entered into a long-term partnership with the National Football League as the league’s official Live Music Entertainment Strategists. The partnership will begin as the NFL’s 100th season kicks off and will serve as a commitment from Roc Nation and the NFL to nurture and strengthen community through music and the NFL’s Inspire Change initiative.

Roc Nation will spearhead and advise on the selection of artists for NFL tentpole performances, including the Super Bowl, and will assist in the production and promotion of new music as well as culture- and cause-focused initiatives.

A core component of the partnership will be to amplify the Inspire Change platform priority areas identified by NFL Players, including Education and Economic Advancement, Improving Police-Community Relations, and Criminal Justice Reform.

“With its global reach, the National Football League has the platform and opportunity to inspire change across the country,” said Shawn “JAY-Z” Carter. “Roc Nation has shown that entertainment and enacting change are not mutually exclusive ideas – instead, we unify them. This partnership is an opportunity to strengthen the fabric of communities across America.”

Roc Nation and the NFL will work together to create and distribute music content across multiple music streaming services for a variety of initiatives. Roc Nation will work alongside the league with artists to curate the richness of football culture nationwide. Content initiatives may include a Live Visual Album, “Songs of the Season” original music, archived and current content from live NFL music events and artist podcasts.

“Roc Nation is one of the most globally influential and impactful organizations in entertainment,” said NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell. “The NFL and Roc Nation share a vision of inspiring meaningful social change across our country. We are thrilled to partner with Roc Nation and look forward to making a difference in our communities together.”

Roc Nation will also consult and collaborate on various aspects of production, promotion, marketing, and communications for live music events and related activations, which include new endeavors such as Songs of the Season and a Pro Bowl Community Concert.

Porter: ‘I’m going to take care of him(Spence) September 28 and go after Manny Pacquiao’

The welterweight division is one of the best and deepest divisions in the sport of boxing. So many great fights can be made at 147, which we saw last month when Manny Pacquiao defeated Keith Thurman to capture the WBA welterweight title.

In September, we are going to see another great fight at 147 when IBF welterweight champion Errol Spence battles WBC 147-pound champion, Shawn Porter, in a unification fight, on September 28 at Staples Center in Los Angeles.

The undefeated Spence(28-0, 21 KOs) has been angling for a unification fight for a long time, and now he has his chance to prove that he truly the best at 147.

“This is what I’ve been waiting for,” Spence said at a press conference to promote the fight in Los Angeles on Tuesday. “I had to be on the sidelines and watch Shawn fight Keith Thurman and Danny Garcia, but now I’m in that group. I have the opportunity to fight these top guys and make my name known.”

If he wins, Spence wants the big money fight against Pacquiao.

“My whole thing is that I’m looking for the stoppage,” Spence said. “I want to make a statement that I’m clearing out the division. I want Manny Pacquiao and all of the top names in this division.”

At this point, there is no doubt that Spence is the favorite, but you can’t underestimate Porter(30-2-1, 17 KOs), who is a tough night for any fighter.

“People don’t understand the level that Errol and I are on. He’s expecting the same thing I’m expecting.,” Porter said. “We’re both training to go 12 hard rounds and outclass each other. It’s all about that one moment, and I know I have what it takes to make that moment all mine. I’m looking forward to it.

“It was only a matter of time until this fight happened. I’ve been patient my entire career and never rushed anything. For me, this fight is happening on time. He’s amongst the elite of this division now and will be after September 28 no matter what.”

Just like Spence, the goal for Porter is to fight Pacquiao, which he hopes to do after this fight.

“When I beat Errol Spence Jr., it doesn’t mean he’s going away,” Porter said. “He’s still elite. But I’m going to take care of him September 28 and go after Manny Pacquiao. That’s the plan.”

It is almost an unofficial tournament going on right now at 147. Pacquiao handled his business against Thurman, and now, we will see if Spence or Porter will advance to fight Pacquiao.

Photo: Ryan Hafey/Premier Boxing Champions


Fury: ‘Wallin is a world-ranked fighter and is tall, something we want with the Wilder rematch around the corner’

For Tyson Fury, a win over Otto Wallin will get him one step closer to a rematch with WBC heavyweight champion Deontay Wilder, which is expected to happen sometime in early 2020. Fury will battle Wallin on Saturday, Sept. 14 at T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas.
Fury-Wallin will stream live and exclusively in the United States on ESPN+.

Fury (28-0-1 20 KOs) is in the midst of one of the sport’s most remarkable comebacks; a Hollywood script turned reality that has seen him battle back from substance abuse and mental health issues to reclaim his spot atop the sport. After nearly three years out of the ring following the Klitschko triumph, Fury returned in June 2018 and won a pair of fights before his controversial draw versus WBC heavyweight champion Deontay Wilder. Six months after the Wilder fight, he made short work of Schwarz (24-0 at the time) and will once again fight an undefeated challenger.

“Tyson Fury electrified Las Vegas last time he fought, and he is set to do it again against a tough kid in Otto Wallin,” said Top Rank chairman Bob Arum. “Tyson knows what’s at stake, and I expect him to have another masterful performance. He is the best heavyweight in the world and is only beginning to show everyone what he’s capable of.”

According to Fury, fighting the 6’5,” Wallin will help him as he prepares for the rematch with Wilder.

“I am pleased to be back in Las Vegas. I loved my time there in my last fight, and I am going to put on a show at the T-Mobile Arena,” Fury said. “Otto Wallin is a world-ranked fighter and is tall, something we want with the Deontay Wilder rematch around the corner. He is also a southpaw, which will bring its own obstacles, but I will be fully focused to get this job done because the rematch needs to happen.”

The undefeated Wallin (20-0, 1 NC, 13 KOs) has been waiting for this moment for a long time and will give it his best shot

“I know I’m an underdog in this fight, but I’m ready for this opportunity, and I’m going to grab it with both hands. Anybody can get beat and especially in the heavyweight division. I like the fact that I have everything to gain, and Tyson has everything to lose.”

‘Don’t mess up the money’ is what has to be going through Fury’s head right now. He should beat Wallin, and for the sake of boxing, let’s hope that is the case because boxing needs Wilder-Fury 2.

Eagles’ Groh on Jackson: ‘I think he’s still one of the fastest guys in the league’

There is a lot of excitement in Philadelphia about the return of WR DeSean Jackson. The 32-year-old Jackson, who was traded to the Eagles this offseason after spending two years with the Buccaneers, is back where it all started, as he played his first six seasons in Philadelphia.

Jackson joins an offense that is expected to do the big things this season, and with Jackson in the fold, the Eagles have a guy that is one best deep threats in football. The three-time Pro Bowler has 24 touchdown receptions of 60 yards or more, which is the most in NFL history. However, according to Eagles OC Mike Groh, Jackson can do more than just catch the deep ball.

“DeSean [Jackson] is a complete player,” Groh said on Monday. “He can do anything that he wants. As a coach, it’s really exciting because you can just say, ‘Hey, can you run this route or can you do it like this,’ and you can just tell him and he can do it. So from a coaching standpoint that makes it really easy, and we’re just trying to move him around and have him do a bunch of different things because he is such a weapon.”

2019 will be Jackson’s 12th year in the league, and you would think at this point of his career that he would have lost some speed. But according to Groh, that is not the case with Jackson.

“I think he’s still one of the fastest guys in the league,” Groh said. “So, he’s still playing at an elite-speed level. He’s one of the fastest guys out there every day on the field and still has absolute confidence in his speed and ability to win.”

Philadelphia has one of the better tight ends in football in Zach Ertz and another emerging talent at the tight end position in Dallas Goedert to go along with what they have at the wide receiver position in Alshon Jeffery and Nelson Agholor.

Now, you add Jackson to the mix, which should give QB Carson Wentz and this offense all it needs to put up big numbers this season.