Will Kawhi Leonard be ready for game 2?

Update: According to ESPN’s Michael C. Wright, Leonard is expected to get a MRI on Monday.

The Spurs blew a great chance to get game one of the Western Conference Finals at Oracle Arena on Sunday.  The big reason why San Antonio lost was because of the injury to Kawhi Leonard. When Leonard left the game with an ankle injury, the Spurs were up 78-55 with 7:53 left in the 3rd Qtr. The Warriors would outscore the Spurs by 25 points the rest of the way to take game one 113-111. You wonder if Leonard will be ready for game 2 on Tuesday night. There is some speculation that he might not be available.

Even if Leonard plays on Tuesday, you wonder how healthy he will be for the rest of the series.




Steve Kerr will be at Oracle Arena for game one of Western Conference Finals

Warriors coach Steve Kerr has had a lot of health problems over the last couple years.  He missed the first 43 games of the regular season last year because complications with his back surgery, and has not coached in these playoffs since game 2 of the first-round. While he will not coach game 1 of the Western Conference Finals, he will be in the building. Kerr will watch from the locker room. Mike Brown will continue to coach the team until Kerr is ready to return.

Western Conference scout on Lonzo Ball: ‘If you don’t play him the right way, is the father going to say something?’

LaVar and Lonzo Ball have been the talk of the NBA over the past few months. When LaVar speaks, the world seems to listen. Will LaVar’s personality turn teams away from Lonzo come draft day?

The New York Post interviewed a few scouts, GMs and personnel guys to get their take on Lonzo Ball.

Here is what one Western Conference scout had to say:

“Talking to people here, some guys are straying away from him as a top pick. If you don’t play him the right way, is the father going to say something? And you don’t want to have him on a big stage like New York. You’re always thinking: What’s next?’’ 

One Eastern Conference executive had this to say about Lonzo and LaVar:

“I don’t think he falls past 2, but it’s a concern in the back of everyone’s mind.  The team will have to sit down with Lonzo and LaVar to set the groundwork. It will be interesting.”

Another NBA personnel guy had this to say:

“[LaVar’s] crazy, most teams know he’s crazy, but [Lonzo] still is the No. 1 point guard.”

A Western Conference GM says it’s all about talent:

“It doesn’t matter at this level. If the kid can play, you take him at this level. It’s about the kid himself. This is the pros.’’

Can’t wait until draft day!

Glen Coffee on why he’s returning to football: ‘A little bit of unfinished business’

When Glen Coffee retired from the NFL in 2010, many thought he was going to become a pastor.  While he never became a pastor, Coffee was involved in ministry. Now, Coffee wants to return to the NFL. “People would look at my age (30) and say why I waited so long, but I really feel like I am 23, and really believe I can play another five, six years if I wanted to,” Coffee told Paul Gant.

Coffee, who played for the 49ers in 2009, recalled the moment when he realized that he wanted to play the game of football again. “I was watching Monday Night Football, and the 49ers were playing. And Carlos Hyde was running the ball, and he was having a great game. And I just had a thought in my head, like man, I was really blessed with great athleticism, and God was really giving me the opportunity to express that through football. And I kind of felt, I don’t want to say guilty, but it was kind of like, man, I really wanted to experience this before it’s too late.”

In 2013, three years after he retired, Coffee decided to enter the military. He explained why: “I just came to the realization to have a country, and say we have borders you have to have a military to contain those borders, to keep those borders. I don’t want to make it seem like I’m being patriotic, but I just felt like if I were abled body to do it, then I should do it.”

Coffee did acknowledge that one reason for his return to football is financial. However, he plans on doing some interesting things with his NFL paycheck. “I want to be what you would call a permaculturalist.  It just stands for permanent agriculture, and I want to farm man. I want to kind of be off the grid.”

Eventually, Coffee would like to learn how to grow and gather his own food.

“I want to know how to grow things. I want to know how to butcher animals, and I want to be able to fix things,” Coffee said.

Coffee believes that his hard work as well as his faith in God will get him back to the NFL.   “First and foremost, I just believe that God has got me. I just feel like I wouldn’t be given this opportunity, and I feel like it wouldn’t be out there on social media, and SportsCenter, and yadda, yadda. Unless, it was really meant to be, it’s really on faith man. I just can’t sit here and say I deserve to be, or I will be, because of this or this. It’s really on faith.”

Coffee feels he has heard enough around the league to believe that he will get another chance in the NFL.

“I believe with hard work you can get anything. I just think they’re will be enough interest out there for me to get an invite to camp, and if I touch down on camp, its on from there.”

We’ll see what the future holds for Glen Coffee.

Listen to the complete interview below:

John Wall on the Celtics wearing black: ‘It was just funny to me’

The Celtics prepared for a funeral tonight in Washington. Some Celtics players wore all black as they walked into the Verizon Center, for game 6 on Friday. However, the Wizards’ funeral is going to have wait another day. Thanks to a clutch John Wall three late in the 4th quarter, the Wizards were able force a game 7 after beating the Celtics 92-91. Game 7 is Monday night in Boston.

Here is what Wall and Bradley Beal had to say about the Celtics wearing black:

Kyrie Irving on Lonzo Ball: ‘We’re all going to come at him’

Cavaliers G Kyrie Irving was a guest on the Road Trippin podcast on Interrupted, which is hosted by his teammates Richard Jefferson and Channing Frye.

On the show, Irving gave his thoughts on LaVar and Lonzo Ball’s relationship:

“I’m sorry, LaVar, you’re not going to be in every hotel room that Lonzo is going to be in. You’re not going to be everywhere, and part of his life as he continues to grow up. You got to let go. He’s 19-years old. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want it to bypass him being a father, but he’s got to let Lonzo be Lonzo for the long haul.”

Also, Irving talked about how players are going to come at Lonzo during his rookie season:

“We’re going to go at him because he’s going to be a rookie,” Irving said. “He’s coming into the point guard position. That right there is … I mean, you think about it, you go through the top 10 point guards in the league, no matter what LaVar says or what he believes, we’re all going to come at him, and that’s just competition outright.”

Can’t wait for the first Ball-Irving matchup!


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Austin Rivers on the Clippers: ‘I think we gotta keep it together’

Austin Rivers wants to keep the Clippers together. He believes the Clippers are close to winning a title.

“I think we right there on a cusp of doing something special, so I think we just gotta keep it together man. Great things take some time, and were getting better, so I don’t think it’s time to break it up yet man. I think that’s a little dramatic,” Rivers told TMZ Sports.

We still feel like we can be a NBA championship team man. We this close; we about a piece away, so it would be idiotic to break everything up.”

Rivers does not see the Clippers breaking up. I wonder if his daddy told him that?

I don’t think the Clippers are that close, but the Clippers number one priority should be getting their hands on Carmelo Anthony! If that happens, it could change things!

Rolando McClain arrested in Alabama

According to police in Hartselle, Al, and the Decatur Daily,  free agent LB Rolando McClain was arrested today, and charged with carrying a firearm without a permit, marijuana possession and misdemeanor equipment violations.

McClain was stopped for having tinted windows on his car. After a search, McClain was found with marijuana and a firearm, according to the Decatur Daily,

The 27-year-old McClain was sent to the Morgan County Jail.  McClain’s bail is $2000.

McClain was suspended indefinitely in December from the NFL for substance abuse. McClain played for the Raiders and Cowboys during his six-year career.