Is Tony Romo a Hall of Famer?

Tony Romo will head off to the broadcast booth after 14 seasons in the NFL. Romo will join CBS Sports as a game analyst.

What is Romo’s legacy? He had a lot of good moments, but not enough great moments. He is 21st in touchdown passes(248) in NFL history. He is the Cowboys’ all-time leader in touchdown passes, QB rating and yards; all those numbers are better than Hall of Famers and former Cowboy greats Troy Aikman and Roger Staubach.  He had 30-game winning drives, which is better than Hall of Famers Jim Kelly, Terry Bradshaw, Dan Fouts, Ken Stabler, Kurt Warner, Aikman and Staubach to name a few. However, most people only remember the failures; dropping the snap against the Seahawks, interception against the Giants in the playoffs (2007 season), and so much more.  Romo falls short because of his playoff failures. He is 2-4 in the playoffs. In the end, Romo did not win enough when it mattered the most!

If Romo could have found a way to win one Super Bowl, maybe he would have a case.

The Verdict: Romo makes “The Hall of Good.”



Romo situation to end soon?

The Tony Romo situation may end soon. According to the NFL Network, the Cowboys have given other teams permission to contact quarterback Tony Romo.  Teams can now setup visits and workouts with Romo.  

I think it is going to be difficult to trade Romo. Teams know that the Cowboys can’t keep Romo on the roster in 2017.  Therefore, you wonder how much of a market there is for him. He’ll be 37 when the season starts; he makes a bunch of money, and his injury prone.  Three good reasons why teams should just wait it out. 

Former NFL RB Charlie Garner: ‘I don’t have all my faculties anymore’

The concussion issue in the NFL will not go away. Former RB Charlie Garner told Pat Yasinskas of Sporting News that he suffered 12 concussions per year during his 11-year NFL career.   Garner, 45, told Yasinskas the impact that those concussions have had on his life:

“I don’t have all my faculties anymore,” Garner told Pat Yasinskas “I can’t remember things. When I go to the mall or grocery store, I have to take one of my kids with me to remember where the car is parked. I have trouble remembering conversations I had five minutes ago. Bright lights bother me. I just don’t feel right all the time.”

Garner said doctors believe that he has Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy, or CTE. 

Garner played for the Eagles, 49ers, Raiders and Buccaneers during his NFL career.

Patrick Ewing returns to Georgetown

He’s back! According to The Vertical, former Georgetown star and Hall of Famer Patrick Ewing will be the next head coach at Georgetown. He will replace John Thompson III. Ewing, who was the associate head coach for the Charlotte Hornets, had been an assistant for many years on the NBA level.

This is a great opportunity for Ewing. An opportunity to bring his alma mater back to prominence, and an opportunity to prove that he can be a successful head coach.



Peterson to visit Patriots on Monday

According to ESPN’s Adam Schefter, former Vikings’ RB Adrian Peterson will be visiting the Patriots on Monday. Peterson, 32, previously visited the Seattle Seahawks. The Patriots have had a dream off-season (Cooks, Gilmore, Allen); signing Peterson would be the cherry on top.

Westbrook gets triple-double number 40!

At this point, it’s just a matter of time before Russell Westbrook breaks Oscar Robertson’s single season triple-double record of 41! Westbrook recorded triple-double number 40 in a 113-101 loss to the Hornets today in Oklahoma City.

Westbrook finished with 40 pts, 13 rebs, and 10 asts.

OKC has six games left in the regular season.  Next game is Tuesday against the Bucks.

Derrick Rose out for the year with a torn meniscus

Wow! Another year and another major knee injury for Derrick Rose. According to The Vertical, Rose will have surgery to repair a torn meniscus. Rose, who can be a free agent at the end of the season, was having a fairly decent season for the Knicks.

A huge setback for him as he goes into free agency.

Chris Childs on why he was not invited to 98-99 Knicks reunion: ‘It might have to do with me supporting Charles Oakley’

The 1998-99 Knicks was a team with a lot heart, and a lot of grit. A team that had an improbable run through the NBA playoffs. This team was the eighth seed in the playoffs, but beat Miami, Atlanta, and Indiana to get to the NBA Finals. Unfortunately in the NBA Finals, they would lose to the Spurs in five.

This team will be celebrated today at MSG. However, a player who was apart of that run was not invited. Backup point guard Chris Childs will not be at MSG. Childs told why that might be the case:

“I have no idea. I talked to John Starks the other day. Allan Houston, Kurt Thomas, and Larry Johnson all have my number. It might have to do with me supporting Charles Oakley.”\

We all know what happened between Oakley and the Knicks!

If that is the case, the Knicks are being a little ridiculous.  While he was a not the main reason the Knicks made it to the NBA Finals, he did help them get there.  Hopefully, the Knicks have a good reason for not inviting Childs. 



Vince Lombardi Trophy involved in car accident

A Patriots’ employee, who had the Vince Lombardi Trophy in their car, was involved in a car accident in Maine on Friday night.  Apparently, the employee’s car hit a deer. Fortunately for the Patriots’ employee, they were not hurt and the trophy was intact. The trophy was from the Patriots’ victory over the Falcons in Super Bowl 51.

Based off the tweet below by the Patriots, the trophy did get to its location on Saturday.

Close call!