Kevin Durant: ‘The first diagnosis we got was that I broke my leg’

When Kevin Durant was injured on February 28th, he originally thought he fractured his tibia.  However, that was not the case. He told that and more to “The Bill Simmons Podcast” :

Well, the first diagnosis that we got was that I broke my leg, fractured my tibia. That’s a four- or five-month recovery.  I just burst out crying. I’m like, “Man, not again.”

“Then we got a call like, ‘We checked the scans again.’ We had to get a CT scan to see what condition the bone was in — that gives you a more in-depth picture of the bone — and they told me that it was just a bruise there and I sprained my MCL. [My] reaction in the car was second to none. If you’d have seen, that emotional roller coaster, that hour, it was something out of a movie.”

If Durant was out for the year, the Warriors were not getting back to the NBA Finals. Fortunately, he escaped with a sprained MCL and tibial bone bruise.  Now, Durant might be back the end of the regular season!


14 millions reasons why it’s good to be Tom Brady

Today and any day is a good day to be Tom Brady. Beautiful wife, five super bowl victories, and so much more!

On Friday, it just got a little better. Brady received a deferred signing bonus payment of 14 million dollars. The payment is from the contract extension he signed last season.

What a country!

Do you feel sorry for Carmelo Anthony?

The season is winding down in the NBA, and just like we have seen over the past three years, the New York Knicks are going to miss the playoffs again! Currently, Carmelo Anthony has a reduced role as the Knicks go about seeing what they have for the future.  Well, not sure how bright the future is for the Knicks. They may have a franchise caliber player in Kristaps Porzingis, and of course they have Melo, but is there anything else that excites you about the Knicks? Derrick Rose? He’ll be a free agent at the end of the season, but is he a building block at this point? I don’t think so. Willy Hernangomez? Ron Baker? No!

The Knicks are a mess. Blame Phi Jackson for sure! He has been bad. Jackson was a great coach (11 titles), but has been a bad president of basketball operations. From weird tweets about Melo, to not finding players to surround Melo, it has not been good in New York City.  Hall of Famer and former Bulls’ star Scottie Pippen had some interesting to things to say about his old coach. Pippen said the following on ESPN’s The Jump:

“To be honest with you, I’m gonna have to go at my old coach Phil Jackson. I just think he hasn’t put the right pieces on the floor. I give a lot of credit to Carmelo, who has been very professional in getting through this 82-game season.”‘

Do you feel sorry for Carmelo Anthony? I would say no! Melo could have gotten out when he was a free agent in 2014. He could have gone to Bulls or elsewhere, but he chose money. The Knicks could pay him the most, and he took the most.  Unfortunately for Melo, he took the money and believed in Phil Jackson.  Bad move!

At this point, the Knicks need to find a way to move Melo (no trade clause), fire Phil Jackson and start all over. Maybe a “tank” or two would benefit the Knicks.

Life is full of choices; choose wisely.

Randy Moss to play soccer?

Former NFL great Randy Moss has turned in his football cleats, and put on a different pair of football cleats. You see, Moss, 40, signed with the Charlotte Independence of the USL (United Soccer League). Moss will be available for the season opener on April 1st.

Sharrif Floyd’s career possibly over?

According to USA Today, Vikings DT Sharrif Floyd’s career could possibly be over due to nerve damage in his leg. The nerve damaged happened during surgery to repair a torn meniscus.

“Sharrif is rehabbing, has seen some of the best doctors in the country, will continue to rehab and hopefully, this will heal sooner than later,” Floyd’s agent Brian Mackler told USA Today.

Lets hope the 25-year old Floyd can make a return.


Fans don’t want Greg Hardy

At this point, not many NFL teams or fans want Greg Hardy. Apparently, fans of the Indoor Football League’s Utah Screaming Eagles don’t want Hardy in the IFL as well. Fans were given an opportunity to vote whether they would want Hardy on the Screaming Eagles. Thursday morning the votes came back “no.”  According to the team, 50.1 percent of the fans voted against Hardy.  If the fans were in support of Hardy, he would have played on Friday.

The 28-year old Hardy is expected to play in the new Spring League.

Triple-double number 38 for Westbrook

Russell Westbrook had a monster game, and triple -double number 38. Westbrook finished with 57 pts, 13 rebs, and 11 asts as the Thunder beat the Magic 112-106 in OT. This was the most points ever in a triple-double. Westbrook is now three away from the single season mark of 41, set by Oscar Robertson in 1961-62. At this rate, Westbrook is going to break this record.

OKC has eight games left.

KD could return by the end of regular season

The Warriors are riding high on a eight-game winning streak, and could have their best player back by the end of the regular season. According to the Warriors, Kevin Durant has made “very good progress,” and could be back by the end of the regular season.

Judging by the way the Spurs are playing right now, the Warriors will need the services of Durant come playoff time.  Especially, if they want to get back to the NBA Finals.

Richard Sherman on the move?

Seahawks’ coach Pete Carroll talked about the possibility of moving star corner Richard Sherman today.  Sherman, 28, is still one of the elite corners in the NFL. Either the Seahawks are tired of him, or maybe they feel he is on the decline.

Here is what Carroll had to say about Sherman at the league meetings:

You’re either competing or you’re not. And so we’ve always had to be open for everything, every suggestion that comes along. “There have been some teams that have called, and so we’ve talked about it. But he’s extremely important to our football team.

“I don’t see anything happening at all. And I don’t see anything happening with any other players, just the banter that’s out there right now. But it has been talked about. He’s a great player and can impact another team. I can see why people would be interested in him.”

I would be stunned if Sherman is moved!