Tony Dungy rips Josh McDaniels for backing out of Colts job

New England Patriots offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels was all set to take the Colts job after agreeing to be the head coach of the team three weeks ago.

However, he changed his mind yesterday and decided to stay in New England as the offensive coordinator.

Unfortunately, McDaniels started to assemble a staff in Indianapolis and already hired three assistants.

Now, those assistants must figure out their futures.

Hall of Famer and former Colts head coach Tony Dungy, who is currently an NFL analyst for NBC Sports, tweeted his thoughts on McDaniels backing out of the deal to coach the Colts:

With a report out there that Andrew Luck might need another shoulder surgery (Colts GM Chris Ballard says that is not the case), you could see why McDaniels would have second thoughts.

While I understand Dungy’s point, McDaniels ultimately has to do what is best for him and his family.


Foles wanted the ‘Philly Special'(Watch)

In what might be the greatest call in Super Bowl history, Nick Foles caught a touchdown from tight end Trey Burton on 4th and goal right before halftime of Super Bowl 52.

The play was called the “Philly Special,” and as we all know, it worked to perfection.

Watch as Foles asks Eagles head coach Doug Pederson to run the play:

Jaworski on whether Philly will trade Foles: ‘I don’t think they will’

Back in 1990, then Giants backup QB Jeff Hostetler stepped in for an injured Phil Simms and led the Giants to a victory in Super Bowl 25.

The following season Hostetler beat out Simms and began the year as the Giants’ starting quarterback.

On Sunday, Eagles QB Nick Foles pulled a “Hostetler” and led the Eagles to a victory over the Patriots in Super Bowl 52.

Back in December, former Eagles QB Ron Jaworski predicted that Foles would lead the Eagles to the Super Bowl after Carson Wentz went down:

“Well, I did an interview with TMZ about six weeks ago or more when Carson Wentz got hurt, and I said: ‘I have confidence that Nick Foles will take the Eagles to the Super Bowl,’ but he outdid himself, he helped the Eagles win a Super Bowl; Super Bowl MVP,” Jaworski told TMZ Sports. 

“He put together three remarkable football games. Anticipation, pinpoint accuracy.”

With Wentz on the roster, many believe that Foles could be on the move, but Jaworski does not agree:

“I don’t think they will. He’s got a year left in(on) his contract, but Carson Wentz is the quarterback of the future,” Jaworski said.

I don’t think Foles will pull another “Hostetler” and become the starter for the Eagles in 2018.

Foles, 29, had a tremendous run. The Eagles don’t win the Super Bowl without him, but this is Wentz’s team.

Philly will have to see if Wentz will be ready to start the season. If the Eagles believe Wentz will be healthy, they should try to trade Foles. If not, they should keep him.

For the Eagles, this is a good problem to have.



2018 NFL Draft First-Round Order

The following is the 2018 NFL Draft first round order. The first round will start on Thursday, April 26 in Arlington, Texas with the second and third rounds on Friday, April 27 followed by rounds four through seven on Saturday, April 28.




Team Win Loss Tie Winning Percentage Opp Win Opp Loss Opp Tie Strength of Schedule
1. Cleveland Browns 0 16 0 .000 133 123 0 .520
2. New York Giants 3 13 0 .188 136 120 0 .531
3. Indianapolis Colts 4 12 0 .250 123 133 0 .480
4. Houston Texans

(traded to Cleveland)

4 12 0 .250 132 124 0 .516
5. Denver Broncos 5 11 0 .313 126 130 0 .492
6. New York Jets 5 11 0 .313 133 123 0 .520
7. Tampa Bay Buccaneers 5 11 0 .313 142 114 0 .555
8. Chicago Bears 5 11 0 .313 143 113 0 .559
9. Oakland Raiders^ 6 10 0 .375 131 125 0 .512
  San Francisco 49ers^ 6 10 0 .375 131 125 0 .512
11. Miami Dolphins 6 10 0 .375 139 117 0 .543
12. Cincinnati Bengals 7 9 0 .438 119 137 0 .465
13. Washington Redskins 7 9 0 .438 138 118 0 .539
14. Green Bay Packers 7 9 0 .438 138 118 0 .539
15. Arizona Cardinals 8 8 0 .500 125 131 0 .488
16. Baltimore Ravens 9 7 0 .563 113 143 0 .441
17. Los Angeles Chargers 9 7 0 .563 117 139 0 .457
18. Seattle Seahawks 9 7 0 .563 126 130 0 .492
19. Dallas Cowboys 9 7 0 .563 127 129 0 .496
20. Detroit Lions 9 7 0 .563 127 129 0 .496
21. Buffalo Bills 9 7 0 .563 126 130 0 .492
22. Kansas City Chiefs

(traded to Buffalo)

10 6 0 .625 122 134 0 .477
23. Los Angeles Rams 11 5 0 .688 129 127 0 .504
24. Carolina Panthers 11 5 0 .688 138 118 0 .539
25. Tennessee Titans 9 7 0 .563 111 145 0 .434
26. Atlanta Falcons 10 6 0 .625 139 117 0 .543
27. New Orleans Saints 11 5 0 .688 137 119 0 .535
28. Pittsburgh Steelers 13 3 0 .813 116 140 0 .453
29. Jacksonville Jaguars 10 6 0 .625 111 145 0 .434
30. Minnesota Vikings 13 3 0 .813 126 130 0 .492
31. New England Patriots 13 3 0 .813 124 132 0 .484
32. Philadelphia Eagles 13 3 0 .813 118 138 0 .461

^- The ninth and 10th selections will be decided by coin flip

Oklahoma Sports Anchor cries after Eagles win Super Bowl(Watch)

For many Philadelphia Eagles fans, Super Bowl 52 was a fantastic experience. The Eagles beat the Patriots 41-33 on Sunday, which gave the Eagles their first Super Bowl victory in team history.

Sports Anchor Harold Kuntz, who works for KOTV in Oklahoma, is a lifelong Eagles fan. Unfortunately for Kuntz, he had to go on-air while the Eagles and Patriots were playing late in 4th quarter.

Here was Kuntz’s reaction to finding out that the Eagles won Super Bowl 52:

Beckham, Manning ‘Have the time of their lives(Watch SB Commercial)

The NFL will premiere its new TV commercial starring Eli Manning and Odell Beckham Jr. after the third quarter of Super Bowl LII on Sunday, February 4. While the world is focused on two teams in the big game, the spot sheds light on what the other 30 teams are up to by providing an inside look at one team: the New York Giants.

The commercial is set in the Giants practice facility where Manning and Beckham Jr. are practicing passing routes. They ultimately celebrate a touchdown by recreating the iconic dance scene from the 1987 hit movie “Dirty Dancing,” which starred Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey, to the theme song “(I’ve Had) the Time of My Life” sung by Bill Medley and Jennifer Warnes.

Both players are joined on-the-field by their offensive linemen – Brett Jones, John Greco, Chad Wheeler, D.J. Fluker, and John Jerry – who serve as the duo’s backup dancers. Watching from the sideline, safety Landon Collins delivers the memorable line, “Let Them Dance.”

Choreographed by Stephanie Klemons from the Tony Award-winning musical, “Hamilton,” the touchdown celebration culminates with Beckham sprinting toward Manning in slow motion as Beckham soars into the air for the perfect cinematic catch, mirroring the movie’s climactic scene. The spot ends with the tagline: “To all the touchdowns to come,” acknowledging the fun and personality that players have not only brought to their celebrations this year, but also for seasons to come.

“Celebrations were a highlight of this season, and we had so many breakout moments where players showed their creativity together,” said Dawn Hudson, NFL Chief Marking Officer. “We wanted to keep that fun going for the Super Bowl and give our fans something to smile and laugh at that was just about football and how awesome it is to be part of a team.”

The :60 spot, created by Grey New York, can be viewed below:


Ex-Pats CB Browner on NE SB loss: ‘They deserve that for not playing Malcolm’

What happened to New England Patriots CB Malcolm Butler is $100,000 question.

Butler, who was the starter all season long for the Patriots, was told before the game that he was not going to play any defensive snaps in Super Bowl 52.

After the game, Butler told ESPN the following: “It was a coach’s decision. … I don’t know what it was,” Butler said. “I guess I wasn’t playing good. They didn’t feel comfortable. I could have changed that game, though.”

Former Patriots CB Brandon Browner had a huge issue with Bill Belichick’s decision to bench Butler.

Browner had this to say on a video he shared on Instagram:

“Man, Bill wasn’t right at all tonight. I didn’t know how to feel watching that [expletive] without my homie playing, without Malcolm playing.

“That dude done started every game for that team, you feel me, since he picked the [expletive] ball off, and he was taking their number one dude, at that,” Browner said. “That(expletive) was on some power trip(expletive). Like to prove a point. You play every game of the season but the Super Bowl. You feel me? I can’t rock with that. That was a [expletive] call. That was a [expletive] decision. That was a power trip. You divide the locker room when you do that.”

“They deserve that [loss] for not playing Malcolm.”

Not saying having Butler on the field would have changed anything, but it could not have been any worse. Nick Foles carved up that Patriots secondary.

I guess we will find out what happened in due time.

Eagles celebrate after winning Super Bowl 52(WATCH)

What a game, what a game, what a game! The Philadelphia Eagles win their first Super Bowl on Sunday night after beating the Patriots 41-33.

Eagles QB Nick Foles was named MVP!

After the game, the team celebrated to Philly native Meek Mill’s “Dreams and Nightmares.”

Take a look:




Randy Moss gets emotional talking about making the Hall of Fame(Watch)

Randy Moss is in the Hall of Fame. Moss became the first wide receiver to be a first-ballot Hall of Famer since the great Jerry Rice.

The NFL made the announcement of the 2018 Hall of Fame class on Saturday night.

Moss will join Terrell Owens, Brian Dawkins, Brian Urlacher, Ray Lewis, Bobby Beathard(contributor), Jerry Kramer and Robert Brazile.

On ESPN’s NFL Countdown, an emotional Moss talked about making the Hall of Fame.

Take a look:

Ingram on Brees: ‘At least, five to six more elite years’

New Orleans Saints QB Drew Brees had a tremendous season in 2017. With the support of a great running game, Brees passed for 4334 yards and 23 touchdowns. In his 17th season in the NFL, Brees became a Pro Bowler for the 10th time.

Also, Brees had the Saints one miracle play away from the NFC title game.

At 39, you wonder how many great seasons Brees has left. According to Saints RB Mark Ingram, Brees could play to his mid-40s.

“Man, he can go as long as he wants. At least, five to six more elite years,” Ingram told TMZ Sports.  “He’s a great dude. How he prepares, how he recovers; he’s a legend.”

Ingram thinks what the Saints experienced against the Vikings in the divisional round of the playoff will help the team moving:

“We feel like what we experienced, what we accomplished this year, and the feeling that we had in Minnesota, will catapult us to the next level,” Ingram said.

Playing in the NFL at a high level at the age of 39 is a fantastic feat. To play at an elite level in your mid-40s would be incredible.

While Brees will be a free agent, he has said numerous times that he wants to return to New Orleans.

Can Brees be elite at 45? I doubt it, but I could see two or three more good to great seasons for Brees, especially with the running game that the Saints have with Ingram and Alvin Kamara.