Is Dwight Howard a Hall of Famer?

Dwight Howard told ESPN that he believes he is a Hall of Famer.  

Is he right?  Good question. Let’s compare Dwight Howard’s resume to recent Hall of Famer Dikembe Mutombo.

Both are 8x All-Stars; Howard was first-team All-NBA five times, Dikembe none. Deke won the Defensive Player of the Year Award four times; Howard three times.  Also, Howard averages more points, rebounds, assists, and steals than Dikembe. Deke does average more blocks per game than Howard(2.8 to 2.0). Finally, if you do the eye test, Howard was a big reason why the Magic made it to the NBA finals in the 2008-09 NBA season. Deke made it to the NBA Finals in 2001 with 76ers, but that was Allen Iverson’s team. 

End of the day, forget how you feel about Dwight Howard. I know a lot of you hate him, but if Dikembe Mutombo is in the Hall of Fame, Dwight Howard belongs too!

Go here to see the comparison:



Dwyane Wade out for the remainder of the regular season

The Chicago Bulls announce that Dwyane Wade is out for the remainder of the regular season with a sprain and small fracture in his elbow. Wade, 35, hurt his elbow last night against the Grizzlies.  This a big blow to Chicago’s playoff hopes. The Bulls are currently one game out of the eighth and final playoff spot in the Eastern Conference.

#THROWBACKTHURSDAY Grizzlies’ Vince Carter

We sat down with Grizzlies’ star Vince Carter back in 2014. At the time, Carter just signed with the Grizzlies. Carter discussed his battle with Iverson in 2001, the memorable 2000 dunk contest, how long he was going to stick around in the NBA, 3 point shooting, whether he is a Hall of Famer, and dunking on shot blockers.  Also, he was asked if he was the greatest dunker of all time. You will hear his answer.

Take  a listen!

Are the Lakers tanking?

The Los Angeles Lakers are a franchise in transition. Now, it appears they are flat out tanking. According to reports, the Lakers have decided to shut down F Luol Deng and C Timofey Mozgov for the final 15 games of the season.  One reason the  Lakers might be tanking is their first-round pick in the 2017 draft is top three protected.  Therefore, if the pick goes below three, the pick goes to the 76ers. That would be a killer for the Lakers. Currently, the Lakers have the second worst record in the NBA.

I believe this a wise decision. You have to protect your assets.  For now, the young guys play and develop. More importantly,  you try to ensure you get a top three pick in the 2017 NBA Draft. Magic Johnson and Rob Pelinka have a lot of work to do to get this team back to respectability. We’ll see if they can get it done.

For now, I say tank on Lakers!!



Darko Milicic was drinking before practice!

Darko Milicic was a bust. That might be put it kindly. He was not very good. In the 2003 NBA Draft, the Pistons had an opportunity to get Carmelo Anthony, Chris Bosh, or Dwyane Wade, but they chose the then 17-year old Serbian forward. He supposed to be the next big thing. Turns out that was not the case, and we may have found out why.  Milicic, 31, told the website B92, which was translated by Reddit, the struggles he had in the NBA.

“I’d do a lot of things differently now. It’s true that I ended up on a team that was trying to win a ring, which rarely happens to a #2 pick, but in the end, we’re all looking for alibis. I could say i didn’t get a proper chance. However, that’s simply an alibi; it’s up to a young player to prove himself, work hard and wait for his chance. My approach was completely different, as a #2 pick coming from Europe I thought I was sent by God. So I got into fights, got drunk before practices, spiting everyone, while in the end, I was spiting myself.”


Wow, drunk before practice! He thought he was sent by God? It seems ego got the best of Milicic. Today, the 350 pound Milicic is a farmer in Serbia.

“I’ve gained 90 pounds since I stopped playing, I’m at 350 right now. I’m working at my farm and enjoying that kind of production. I take walks through my fields and watch the process, which makes me really happy. I’m still pretty inexperienced at this so I like to learn, seek guidance, go to seminars. I’ve created my own peace of mind and I’m enjoying it. There’s always problems like in any other field of work, but I’d rather do this than build skyscrapers in the city because I’d end up shooting myself. I think this is the most positive story of them all, food production and food in general is the future in every sense.

If the Pistons would have drafted Melo, Bosh, or Wade, one championship could have easily been two or three!


Westbrook gets triple-double number 33

The Russell Westbrook triple-double show made a stop in Brooklyn last night; he messed around and got triple-double number 33. OKC defeated the Nets 122-104. Westbrook stat line was 25pts, 12 rebs and 19 assts. The Thunder are 27-6 when Westbrook messes around and gets a triple-double. In order for Westbrook to finish the season averaging a triple-double and being at 30ppg, he would need to average 21.8 ppg, 8.8 apg, and 7.5 rpg. Can he do it? I think he will.

If he finishes the season averaging a triple-double, he has to be the MVP.  I just can’t see how he could not be the MVP. What’s happening here is historic. This achievement warrants the MVP!

We’ll see if the MVP voters agree!

Parsons out for the year?

Chandler Parsons may have another season ending surgery; he may need surgery to repair a partially torn meniscus in his left knee. Unfortunately, four-years, 94 million dollars does not go as far as it used to in the NBA.  At this point, Parsons is out indefinitely. He had surgery last season on his right knee.

At the time of signing, eyebrows were raised because Parsons had a hard time staying healthy. He could not stay healthy in Dallas, and now the same thing is happening in Memphis. Probably a lot of buyer’s remorse for the Grizzlies right now. 

Maybe C.J. McCollum’s tweet was right:




Sanders to the Cavs

Lebron wanted help and more help is on the way. The Cavaliers sign C Larry Sanders on Monday.  Also, the Cavaliers ended the Andrew Bogut era after one minute, by waiving him. Sanders, 28, has not played in two years. He has a lot of rust to work off. You wonder how much he could help the Cavs right away.

Sanders previously had issues with marijuana. He violated the drug policy on four occasions.  Hopefully all the nonsense is behind him. Bogut tweeted congrats to Sanders.