Allen Iverson still talking about practice

Hall of Famer Allen Iverson is known for many things; scoring a bunch of points, playing hard and not wanting to practice. Iverson shot a funny promo for the Atlanta Braves. Take a look, and compare now and then.

“Tebowmania” heads to South Carolina

Tim Tebow is headed to Columbia, South Carolina to continue his journey to the majors. He will play on the Mets’ low Class-A team the Columbia Fireflies.  He will be a draw in Columbia. He is most definitely good for business. Tebow, who has not played baseball since high school, is trying to defy the odds by making it with the Mets.
Baseball is a very hard sport to play. I dare anybody to step into a batter’s box‎ and try to hit a 90 mph fastball! It’s a game where failure is the norm. Where in life is 3 out of 10 considered good?
For Tebow to get this far is an amazing feat. Will he get any farther? I doubt it, but who would have ever thought he would have beaten the Steelers in a playoff game?  We can knock Tebow all we want, but you can’t question his heart and determination.
Good luck in Columbia!

Tebow’s big day!

Tim Tebow had a very good day. He went 2-3 at the plate and had a great catch in the field. To date, Tebow is batting .214(3-14),  all three of his hits were singles. This could be his last day with the big club. According to reports, Tebow might be playing the rest of the exhibition season with the minor league team.

Hate him or love him, Tebow moves the needle. I hope his baseball dreams come true!

Tebow discusses his big day below: