Gary Trent Sr. on playing LaVar Ball 1-on-1: ‘We do some pay-per-view money; I’m all for that’

LaVar Ball has talked about everything and everybody over the past few months.  He said things that were funny, and some things that were downright ridiculous. Gary Trent Sr., the father of Duke recruit Gary Trent Jr., gave his thoughts on Ball. (laughing) “You know, when I see him on TV its humor(laughing). He loves his kids. I get what he’s doing, maybe there could be a little smoother or more articulate way to go about it, but you know everybody do their thing a certain way. Its humor though (laughing),” Trent told goforitgantsports.

Ball had been on record as saying he could beat Michael Jordan in a one-on-one game, but could he beat Gary Trent Sr. one-on-one? “Can he beat me in one-on-one? (Laughing) As of right now, I don’t hoop. I just lift weights man, and do some cardio. He might be able get me in one-on-one.” Trent Sr. said.  Trent Sr. might be open to a pay-per-view event with Ball.  “Want to put it on pay-per-view and go out there for some money? I’m all for that too now, you know? Ball dad vs. Trent dad, we do some pay-per-view money— I’m all for that.(laughing)”

Based on how good Gary Jr. has been in high school, maybe we could see Trent jr. vs. Ball at some point in the NBA.

Listen to interview below:

Trent talks Ball at 37:12 mark of the interview.


LaVar Ball: ‘Realistically, you can’t win no championship with three white guys because the foot speed is too slow’

LaVar Ball: Can’t stop, won’t stop. Ball keeps on talking; this time he goes after Lonzo’s UCLA teammates. Ball told Clay Fowler the reason why UCLA did not win a title:

Realistically you can’t win no championship with three white guys because the foot speed is too slow,” Ball said.  “I told Lonzo – ‘One of these games you might need to go for 30 or 40 points.’ It turned out the that was the one game. Then once they get to the Elite 8, they’re right there.”

Wow! You wonder what the fallout will be from these comments.  One of these days LaVar will be quiet!

Patrick Ewing returns to Georgetown

He’s back! According to The Vertical, former Georgetown star and Hall of Famer Patrick Ewing will be the next head coach at Georgetown. He will replace John Thompson III. Ewing, who was the associate head coach for the Charlotte Hornets, had been an assistant for many years on the NBA level.

This is a great opportunity for Ewing. An opportunity to bring his alma mater back to prominence, and an opportunity to prove that he can be a successful head coach.



Twitter reaction to the end of UConn’s 111-game winning streak

The impossible happened last night. If I had not seen it with my own eyes, I would have  thought it was an April Fool’s joke. UConn women really lost last night.

Here is how Twitter responded:

UConn women winning streak ends at 111

“I don’t believe what I just saw!” Mississippi State did the impossible by beating  UConn in the National Semi-Finals 66-64 in OT.  Mississippi State’s Morgan William hit the game winning  jump shot at the buzzer. The victory for Mississippi State ends UConn’s 111- game win streak.

Mississippi State will now play South Carolina in the National Championship Game!



Like father, like son? Lonzo Ball: ‘Markelle’s a great player, but I feel I’m better than him’

I guess Lonzo Ball is a chip off the old block.  We know his dad LaVar likes to talk, but now Lonzo doing the talking.  Ball told ESPN 710 LA that he is better than Washington’s Markelle Fultz:

“Markelle’s a great player, but I feel I’m better than him.” I think I can lead a team better than him,” Ball added. “Obviously he’s a great scorer — he’s a great player, so I’m not taking that away from him.”

I like the kid’s confidence. He should think he is better, but he probably should show a little bit of humility.


Christian Laettner: ‘Luke my son…May the force of the #32 be with you’

The number 32 has been a thorn in the side of Kentucky basketball over the years. First, it was Duke’s Christian Laettner, and now its UNC’s Luke Maye. Maye, who hit the games winning shot in UNC’s 75-73 victory over Kentucky, wears number 32 like Laettner.

The former Blue Devil decided to troll UK via Twitter:


Ball to the NBA

Not much of a shock here, but Lonzo Ball has officially declared for the NBA Draft. Now, it’s time to conquer the NBA. Ball declared for the draft after UCLA was ousted from the tournament by Kentucky.

Ball will most definitely be a top five pick. He could go as high as number one in the draft.