Byron Scott on Lonzo Ball: ‘He is not LeBron James coming into this league’

Former Laker great Byron Scott believes the Lakers should draft Lonzo Ball if he is available. However, unlike LaVar Ball, Scott does not believe adding just Lonzo Ball will get the Lakers to the playoffs.

“If he’s on the team they currently have now, I don’t see that happening. I like the kid and I think he is a good talent, but again, his dad is sticking his foot in his mouth, and putting a lot of pressure on his son. Just let the kid go in the NBA, and play, and enjoy his self, instead of putting all this pressure on him,” Scott told TMZ Sports. 

Scott does believe that if the Lakers add other pieces and Lonzo Ball, then the playoffs could be possible for Los Angeles.

Some believe that LaVar Ball could be a problem, but Scott does not see LaVar Ball being much of a problem for the Lakers:

“I think Earvin “Magic” Johnson and Jeanie Buss are very strong-minded people. I think they can handle Mr. Ball and his big ego, it’s not a little ego, his big ego. I think they can handle it pretty well, so I don’t think that will deter them from drafting Lonzo Ball if he is there and available.”

Scott does believe that a lot of players will go at Lonzo Ball because of his dad:

“Absolutely, guys have already said it. They can’t wait for him to get into the league because of what his dad has been saying, so if I’m Mr. Ball I would kind of lay low right now, and be cool. And let his son play basketball and get his self acclimated to whatever city he’s in; hopefully, he’s here in Los Angeles. It’s going to be tough. He’s a rookie. He is not LeBron James coming into this league. He is a talented basketball player, it’s going to take some time.”

I can’t wait until the NBA Draft!


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