Darko Milicic was drinking before practice!

Darko Milicic was a bust. That might be put it kindly. He was not very good. In the 2003 NBA Draft, the Pistons had an opportunity to get Carmelo Anthony, Chris Bosh, or Dwyane Wade, but they chose the then 17-year old Serbian forward. He supposed to be the next big thing. Turns out that was not the case, and we may have found out why.  Milicic, 31, told the website B92, which was translated by Reddit, the struggles he had in the NBA.

“I’d do a lot of things differently now. It’s true that I ended up on a team that was trying to win a ring, which rarely happens to a #2 pick, but in the end, we’re all looking for alibis. I could say i didn’t get a proper chance. However, that’s simply an alibi; it’s up to a young player to prove himself, work hard and wait for his chance. My approach was completely different, as a #2 pick coming from Europe I thought I was sent by God. So I got into fights, got drunk before practices, spiting everyone, while in the end, I was spiting myself.”


Wow, drunk before practice! He thought he was sent by God? It seems ego got the best of Milicic. Today, the 350 pound Milicic is a farmer in Serbia.

“I’ve gained 90 pounds since I stopped playing, I’m at 350 right now. I’m working at my farm and enjoying that kind of production. I take walks through my fields and watch the process, which makes me really happy. I’m still pretty inexperienced at this so I like to learn, seek guidance, go to seminars. I’ve created my own peace of mind and I’m enjoying it. There’s always problems like in any other field of work, but I’d rather do this than build skyscrapers in the city because I’d end up shooting myself. I think this is the most positive story of them all, food production and food in general is the future in every sense.

If the Pistons would have drafted Melo, Bosh, or Wade, one championship could have easily been two or three!


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